Grantown Remakery is a small but important charity which I talked about, a year or so ago, with George Livingstone as the guest.It seemed a good idea to see how they weathered the pandemic and did George have views on how the wider community could support the causes and challenges they saw.

It is one of dozens of charities created to improve the quality of life of several vulnerable groups, whose chances in life are threatened by no fault of their own and an underfunded statutory provision. They strive to help balance inequality and create opportunity.

Grantown Remakery  provides Employment Skills Development, volunteering opportunities and support for Young People who may be having difficulty in Transition from School to Further Education and Employment, Adults with a Disability or with Mental Ill-Health, supporting all in their journey to recovery and towards fulfilment of their personal goals.
It aims to provide an alternative to landfill disposal by repairing, upgrading, recycling and reselling of goods through a Community based system. This helps pay for coaching and supervision
They have developed strong business relationships with both Partners and the Local Community to identify the best service for individuals in need of support and skills development within strong environmental awareness and action

We talk of the wider social trends and challenges faced by those they help. 3 strands of work for the 3 days they can afford to open.

1) Working with young learning disabled adults often isolated and lonely

2) Existing work with children helping to transition from school to further education.

3) developing a partnership with Job Centre Plus and 16 to 25 year olds who were deemed ‘not work ready’

It is a community social work scheme whose value to the area is significant, especially when the fall out from the pandemic adds to the existing challenges from rural poverty.

Contact them on Facebook or at their website or email

OR phone 01479 873612 

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