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David Niven Associates

David Niven Associates designs bespoke training to the social care sector, primarily in child protection. For other sectors we also offer media training and consultancy regarding broadcast and social media. As podcasting begins to take off we can help you to keep ahead of the game and effectively provide you with your own  radio programme to promote your cause and business.




Thoughts on the Social World

I’ve been involved in Social Work for many years and seen triumphs and disasters. It’s a huge subject and there’s plenty to talk about. Thoughts on the Social World has been created to educate and share information on social work and social care.

My podcasts and blogs discuss all aspects of the social world including:

  • media managment
  • social care
  • child abuse
  • children’s services
  • safeguarding children
  • vulnerable adults and children
  • judicial systems
  • social networking
  • the influence of the media
  • training
  • social workers

and many other news events which I wish to share opinions on. Keep in touch on  media@socialworldpodcast.com.

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David Niven

I have over 30 years national and international experience in the field of social welfare and am recognised as an independent expert on matters of child protection and parenting.

Chair of Bradford Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.

A past National Chair of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW).

I have a broad, continuing, experience in the media – regularly appearing on radio and television and a user of social media via twitter and podcasting.

Established close working relationship on several projects with successive Heads of Paedophile and Sex offenders unit at Scotland Yard.

Provided evidence to Parliamentary Committees.

Regularly liased with MP’s, civil servants, Trades Unions, Management organisations and other governmental and non- governmental groups, NGO’s and Charities.

Founded the charity Action on Child Exploitation  (ACHE) in 1996 as a vehicle to lobby for social policy reform.



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