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Thoughts on the Social World

I’ve been involved in Social Work for many years and seen triumphs and disasters. It’s a huge subject and there’s plenty to talk about. Thoughts on the Social World has been created to educate and share information on social work and social care.

My podcasts and blogs discuss all aspects of the social world including:

  • media managment
  • social care
  • child abuse
  • children’s services
  • safeguarding children
  • vulnerable adults and children
  • judicial systems
  • social networking
  • the influence of the media
  • training
  • social workers

and many other news events which I wish to share opinions on. Keep in touch on  media@socialworldpodcast.com.

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David Niven

I have over 35 years national and international experience in the field of social welfare. I am recognised as an independent expert on matters of child protection and parenting and have a broad, continuing, experience with the media.

Currently a member of the International Advisory Board at the Global Institute for Social Work–a world wide body. www.thegisw.org.

Most recently invited to be a member of the Editorial, Oversight and Assurance Panel of the INEQE Safeguarding Group.

Regularly appeared on all forms of media.

Now hosting my own Podcast www.socialworldpodcast.com and blogging regularly.

Pleased to have been Independent Chair of Bradford Safeguarding Children Board from September 2015 to February 2019

A past National Chair of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW), I have also managed child protection teams and disability services for local authorities and presented at National and International conferences.

Managing my own company for 10 years I built it up to be a significant training enterprise and gained a fantastic range of expertise including having 25 associates working with me and earning a reputation for excellence, Now I work as an independent consultant.

Specialties: Podcasting, Social Care, Social Work, Child Protection, Broadcast and Written Media, Lecturer, Trainer, Media Crisis Management.


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