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119  Sarah Goff  , Ann Craft Trust

119 Sarah Goff , Ann Craft Trust

Sarah Goff, Development Manager – Safeguarding Young People

Sarah is ACT Disabled Young People Manager, she has over twenty years’ experience in the fields of child protection and social care. She is an expert in the field of safeguarding disabled children and her interests include the impact of domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation.

Sarah currently combines her role at the Ann Craft Trust as a lecturer at the University of Nottingham on their BA and MA Social Care programmes. Sarah also delivers safeguarding disabled children training to organisations across the UK to make sure children and young people’s voices are heard. She has also led and continues to contribute to world-leading research projects in the UK and Europe.

We talk over a wide range of things concerning safeguarding disabled children and young people.


some of Sarah’s current work includes

  • raising awareness of families’ needs for greater support; Autism and lack of understanding; missed in mainstream
  • We Matter Too project : experiences of disabled yp experiencing domestic abuse
  • sexual exploitation and learning needs; what help parents need to act protectively
  • current projects on sexual exploitation and learning needs

useful  links include


Sarah’s passion for her work comes accross strongly. After listening , check out their work on their website

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118 Mike Hames, safeguarding expert.

118 Mike Hames, safeguarding expert.


The podcast is back. After a couple of  months or so break we head into the 7th year of reporting the world we live in.

We talk of the way safeguarding has changed and the challenges for the future. Mike is still working full time with a residential provider , coordinating all safeguarding work for the group.

My guest is Michael Hames, safeguarding expert, who I’ve known for 25 years and whom I worked with on several initiatives and investigations starting when he was at Scotland Yard.

He was born in Colchester, Essex and after education at the Colchester Royal Grammar School, joined the Metropolitan Police in 1962.  He served for 32 years  and held a variety of management positions at senior rank from 1970.  During much of this time, he specialised in the detection of sex offenders.

For the last 5 years of his service, he was the Detective Superintendent in charge of the Obscene Publications Branch at New Scotland Yard. During his time there, he re-focussed the work to encompass the proactive detection of paedophile offenders and it has subsequently been renamed the Paedophilia Unit of the Organised Crime Group.  He developed and refined, the use of the first National Index of convicted and suspected paedophiles until the formation of the National Criminal Intelligence Service in 1993, when the Index was transferred to the Home Office Unit.

He supervised the operational unit which achieved outstanding success and world wide acknowledgment of its pioneering work to combat paedophiles & enhanced his reputation as a safeguarding expert.

He was the U.K. Interpol representative  on the Standing Working Group on Offences Against Children.  He chaired the sub-committee on law Enforcement methods and was the leading police advocate of legislation to ban possession of child pornography throughout the member States, as well as extra-territorial legislation to deal with child abusers who travel and commit offences outside their jurisdiction.  He has regular contact with non governmental agencies such as E.C.P.A.T. (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of children for sexual purposes), The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, in the U.S., as well as law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

He was also  a member of the Sexual Offences Steering Committee at Scotland Yard.  He has carried out research into Organised and Ritual Abuse of Children and is an acknowledged authority on the subject of Child Sexual Abuse.  He has lectured widely at home and abroad and published articles in the press and professional journals.  He frequently appears on Television and Radio.

He is now an independent consultant, advising and training at the request of  Local Authorities, Charities and Private Companies on a variety of subjects including Child Protection, Staffing issues, Strategic Management and Selection of Staff.  His speciality remains the combating of Child Abuse in Organisations.

He holds a post graduate Diploma in Management Studies.  He holds the British Psychological Society’s Level ‘B’ Certificate in psychometric testing.

His autobiography, ‘The Dirty  Squad’ was published by Little Brown in April 2000.

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117 Brian Iselin slave free trade

117 Brian Iselin slave free trade

Brian Iselin  Slavefreetrade ….Brian is an Australian/Swedish counter-slavery campaigner. He is a former soldier (6 years) and Federal Agent (13 years) who, for the last almost 20 years has specialised in counter-slavery operations around the world. While posted aboard as a Federal Agent in China, he started seeing human trafficking cases, and switched priorities to counter-slavery work. He started slave free trade  in 2018 to shake up a number of things about the way we tackle modern slavery.

Tens of millions of children, globally, are victims of slavery. We talk of the mammoth task to protect the vulnerable and try to afford some children the childhood they deserve. We talk of the need for much more coordinated action and coming together of all statutory and not for profit groups to maximise awareness, resources and legislation to this widespread abomination.

The Freedomer App

We are building the Freedomer App to be a community platform for like-minded consumers to get together and use their combined voice to demand better working conditions for the world’s most vulnerable. If you want your favourite things to be made without modern slavery, this is the way to voice it. As a Freedomer, you can use the App to petition your favourite brands for more transparency about manufacturing facilities ref slave free trade, mount campaigns, gather support for your campaign, even host chats with other people & experts and help usher in an end to modern slavery. You can build momentum with other Freedomers joining you within the app as well as through social media. Engage in dialogue with like-minded consumers and industry experts to keep track of how companies are performing on social sustainability metrics as they listen to their workers.

In order to create the App they are running a crowdfund.….project….the power of your choice

With their volunteer developerss, we estimate 6-8 months of development. If we are able to accelerate that either by the crowdfund to buy full-time dev hours, or by more volunteer commitments, we want to see that time reduced dramatically and get it into people’s hands faster.

We have designed the App screens as of now and are currently optimising the App user flow.

Phase 2 of the Freedomer App will include the ability to scan objects to determine its Made In Freedom rating, creating a marketplace of slavefree products and services so you know you are making the right choice

You can contact Brian at 

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