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160 Dr Craig Newman, author, recovery from abuse programme.

160 Dr Craig Newman, author, recovery from abuse programme.

Dr Craig Newman, author of recovery from abuse programme.. A Clinical Psychologist and Innovator, with over 25 years experience in supporting mental health recovery alongside research and innovation.  Craig is an author, founder and creator of ‘Get Out Get Love’ which is a proposed universal recovery model from experiences of abusive relationships shaped into both a self-help book and later developed self-delivered digital recovery programme. The programme supports self-referred people who seek to get answers, escape and/or recovery in addition to supporting domestic abuse services who are struggling to meet demand,  not able to support those who prefer not to opt into face to face therapy and not able to offer long-term help beyond crisis and stabilisation.  The programme has been evaluated with funding from Innovate:UK and the National Institute of Health Research, showing positive effect for people in need and services who support them.

Craig has over 15 years of experience in developing digital solutions to support at needs groups, winning national prestigious awards for his work to improve dementia assessments internationally, to reduce the risk of unexpected deaths in epilepsy and to support the wellbeing of NHS staff through the COVID period, to name a few.  His work has international impact and his apps have helped 1,000s of clinicians and patients across the world.  This experience he brings to the domestic abuse sector, in response to his own experience as a victim, and attempt to support people where the system struggles to help – namely long-term and towards the experience of self-love.

His book was published in 2023, and despite no track record as an author and no social media presence, the book has already attracted publication contracts for the UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Estonia and Romania.  Craig recommends the book as a read for anyone who even questions a past relationship, suggesting that at worse it is an informative read and at best it could empower your life going forwards – the words of reader testimonials, not his.

‘Craig’s book Get Out Get Love, published by Sheldon Press is available now’


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David Mandel International author and trainer on domestic violence

David Mandel International author and trainer on domestic violence

David Mandel International author and trainer on domestic violence. I talked with David about his new book ( see below ) and more widely on his road to where he is today.

With over 35 years’ experience in the domestic violence and child welfare fields, David is the creator of the Safe & Together Model, a transformational approach to changing how systems and practitioners respond to domestic violence when children are involved. He has identified how a perpetrator pattern-based approach can improve the ability to partner with survivors, intervene with perpetrators as parents, and improve outcomes for children.
David is the founder of the Safe & Together Institute, which works with governments and NGOs across the globe, including Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Through their live training, organizational consulting, e-learning, and trainer certification, the Safe & Together Institute provides organizations and systems with a wide range of practice change tools. Currently, the Institute supports almost 300 Certified Trainers and 80 Partner Agencies worldwide. The Model has proven its relevance to multiple sectors, including family court, substance use, law enforcement, mental health, multi-agency efforts, and other disciplines.
David has written or co-written numerous journal articles, book chapters, and white papers, including his most recent one on the alignment of the Safe & Together Model with the children’s best interest framework. The Institute’s work is regularly the subject of research studies, including a current project examining the relevance of the Model in a First Nation context in Australia. He has just published his first book, “Stop Blaming Mothers and Ignoring Fathers: How to Transform the Way We Keep Children Safe from Domestic Violence,” which is available online through                                                                                                                               Follow this link to the book

Contact Information:
Safe & Together Institute
Box 745 Canton CT 06019


As always, please use Speakpipe on the home page of every podcast to leave messages/questions   Thank you.

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158 Global Social Work Agenda in A Precarious World

158 Global Social Work Agenda in A Precarious World

This episode is a slightly different one as it is the recording of the Global Social Work Talk from 28th March 2024. The Global Social Work TALK aimed to deliver “ideas to change the world”. I was one of three speakers on the session. Listen to this episode and hear some of the challenges across the globe for social work today.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Antoinette Lombard, Nominated for Incoming President, International Association of Schools of Social Work, started her academic career at the University of Pretoria where she became a full professor in social work and head of the Department of Social Work. She was the Vice President of the Association for Schools of Social Work Education Institutions (ASASWEI) and is IASSW Chair of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. She served on the executive of the Association for Schools
of Social Work in Africa.

David Niven, presenter of the podcast Thoughts on the Social World for 10 years  interviewing a wide choice of guests, national and international appearing on the programme and the variety of subjects covered make good listening and provide a great research opportunity. He has over 30 years of experience working with the media as a former Chair of the British Association of Social Workers.

Professor Ngoh Tiong TAN, Chair, Global Institute of Social Work, for access to online training of social workers all around the world. Dr Tan is Director, Joy Foundation, Good Harvest International and President Connexions International as well as former Treasurer International Association of Social Workers, former Regional President IFSW (AP) and past President, Singapore Association of Social Workers.

Forum Chair: Dr Terence Yow, Vice President, GISW

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