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141 Follow the Money Fight Slavery

141 Follow the Money Fight Slavery

Follow the Money Fight Slavery, Senior operations manager Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, Chris Kemp
The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, a 501(c)3 US-based nonprofit, aims to disrupt the market of human trafficking, child exploitation and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) through the advancement of preventions, detection, investigation and reporting mechanisms.  ATII is committed to raising awareness and developing strategic partnerships with intelligence, technology, and data leaders.

Chris and I talk about the scale of the problem and the variety of approaches used to gather intelligence and help law enforcement. His work takes him all round the globe and networks with a variety of agencies from local NGOs to senior law enforcement. He also is responsible for recruiting and training/vetting more than 200 digital volunteers ( of which more are always nee
Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (@TeamATII)   University of Advancing  Technology

Superior, Montana, United States

Check out these upcoming events including the Darkwebathon and the Summit.

The links for resources we offer and events we are putting on:  Training

Resources  Events upcoming    April Annual Summit and Child Safety Symposium, June Darkwebathon is an opportunity for those in the space of Cryptocurrency to engage in tracing possible criminal behavior using Cryptocurrency and provide that intelligence to law enforcement using Blockchain analytics tools.

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140 Supply Chain Auditing

140 Supply Chain Auditing

Supply Chain Auditing is the process of scrutinising companies and their many suppliers to check if they comply with what we would call ethical business practice. Fair treatment and safety of workforces along with transparency from supplier to consumer is the gold standard. So often this does not exist.

The exploitation of workers and often their enslavement is endemic to much of what we consume, wear or use in our daily lives. Enforcement agencies around the world are always attempting to interrupt , rescue and prosecute but the sheer scale can be overwhelming.We do not check hard enough, ask the tough questions or put ourselves out enough to demand better clarity, especially in food and clothing, about what conditions exist in their production.

 Leon Reed is the CEO of Verisio Limited, a company that has developed from carrying out social compliance audits to providing end-to-end ESG solutions for businesses around the world. Leon has always had a passion for promoting human rights and has found that consultancy and audits are a proven package to achieve sustainable change. Since the introduction of the UK Modern Slavery Act in 2015, Leon has paved the way in helping companies comply. Verisio now runs retailer-driven programmes that encompass all aspects of ESG, combining his many years of auditing experience with his business consultancy skills.

More information at the following sites.  Association of Social Complience Auditors.

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139    Human Traffiking 3

139 Human Traffiking 3

Matt Richardson is the Director of Intelligence and Investigations with the Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII)    and returns to the podcast to explain his work and look deeper into the impact of this worldwide activity. 

Oxford dictionary definition of human traffiking ——-the unlawful act of transporting or coercing people in order to benefit from their work or service, typically in the form of forced labour or sexual exploitation.

  • In this third episode we talk about the implications and protocol for working with the dark web. the upcoming documentary featuring Matt called Dark Highway,the personal psycological impact on those working to expose traffikers.
  • We also cover the rise in self generated child sexual abuse material–often as a result of grooming and co-ersive activity.
  • Sextortion–blackmail after soliciting sexualised photos and the rise in numbers of teenage boy victims targeted by fake young girls.

Matt is an international speaker and expert on OSINT and Darkweb Intelligence with extensive experience in leading and coordinating complex investigations on sex trafficking and CSAM offenders. Matt co-authored a study titled “Expert Analysis of Open Source Material Relating To Child Sexual Abuse Material And Sex Trafficking Occurring On” with the University of New Haven’s Center for Forensic Investigations of Trafficking in Persons (CFITP). Matt is a member of the Rogers Communications Cybersecurity Catalyst team where he collaborates with industry experts to generate products and education on a variety of cybersecurity topics related to online crimes. He is often sought out as a subject matter expert by the media with TV, Film, Radio, and print coverage in Canada and is a main contributor and on camera character for “Dark Highway”, a Human Trafficking documentary that is being televised in Canada and the U.S. He works in partnership with Timea’s Cause to educate and prevent sex trafficking and was a featured speaker of the 1st Canadian National Summit on Child Sexual Exploitation. Matt is passionate in his role with the Anti Human Traffiking Initiative where as part of a team of experts he uses his skills on a daily basis to help make children, families, and communities safer places.


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