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151 John Pizzuro CEO Raven anti child exploitation part 2

151 John Pizzuro CEO Raven anti child exploitation part 2

Join me for part 2 of my conversation with John Pizzuro, the CEO of Raven about anti child exploitation.

John is the CEO of Raven, the first and only 501(c)4 group ( social welfare, not for profit )  focused on child exploitation in the United States, John works with lawmakers, advocates, agencies, and organizations who are willing to challenge the status quo and fight to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Prior to that John spent 25 years in the New Jersey State police where John had spent his last six years as The Internet Crimes Against Children Commander where he led a team of 200 investigators. In that capacity John served as Chair of the Outreach Committee, and US representative to INTERPOL. John developed a penchant for neuroscience, understanding social engineering and how criminals lured their victims and in return used those same techniques to lure criminals out of the shadows. John made it is mission to protect the innocent and leveraging partners skillsets in order to accomplish that. John’s Task force arrested over 1500 individuals that preyed on the innocent. John has developed and teaches classes on Cognitive Interviewing. John speaks frequently regarding leading and managing large scale investigations, leadership, online grooming, child exploitation, Human trafficking, social engineering, and how technology has impacted society and their behavior. He has written framework for other countries to develop their own investigative units with best practices. John is certified as a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and has an M.A. in Human Resource Development and Training

John and colleagues from Raven addressed Congress this week and talked of how complex and challenging the threats to children are in our communities. check out the link.

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150 Lyn Romeo. Chief Social Worker for Adults

150 Lyn Romeo. Chief Social Worker for Adults

In today’s episode I speak to Lyn Romeo, the current Chief Social Worker for Adults. After 10 years Lyn is ready to move on from this role. In our discussion we talk about some of her achievements over the past 10 years, what new issues have emerged as a focus and the activity she has personally undertaken. We hear about some of the challenges facing social care and what it is really like to be in the role of Chief Social Worker for Adults. This is a fascinating conversation.

About Lyn Romeo:
Lyn Romeo took up her post as Chief Social Worker for Adults in September 2013 and I first interviewed her in February 2014 for this podcast. ( No 19 )

Previously, Lyn worked as the Director for Adult Social Care and Joint Commissioning in the London Borough of Camden. She has also worked as an inspector with the Social Services Inspectorate, as well as working in Yorkshire for over 20 years as both a field social worker and in a variety of management roles across children and adults services.

The Chief Social Worker for Adults works collaboratively with the Chief Social Worker for Children and Families. Together they work from the Office of the Chief
Social Worker to:
– support and challenge the profession to ensure that children and adults get the best possible help from social workers
– provide independent expert advice to ministers on social work reform, and the contribution of social work and social workers to policy implementation more generally
– provide leadership and work with key leaders in the profession and wider sector to drive forward the improvement and reform programme for social work
– challenge weak practice to achieve decisive improvements in the quality of social work
– provide leadership to the network of principal social workers

It’s good to have had 10 years to assess and measure change.

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149. Eileen Dong. UN Ambassador, survivor and author

149. Eileen Dong. UN Ambassador, survivor and author

In today’s episode I speak to Eileen Dong, UN Ambassador, survivor and author. We discuss the challenges facing the world around human trafficking. Eileen, as a survivor of human trafficking now provides education and support for other survivors. We discuss how we can practically learn from people’s experiences and how human trafficking is a non partisan global issue.

Eileen shares her book, ‘Thank Your Predator: A guide to Trauma Recovery from Abuse’ which is an educational guide and seeks to consider the role of prevention in human trafficking. She also highlighted the 2023 International Conference on Abuse and Awards talking place on October 26th. More information can be found below. 

Eileen Dong is a trailblazer combating gender-based violence and human trafficking, is the Founder and Executive Director of Hope Pyx Global. As a UN Ambassador, her mission encompasses ending abuse, exploitation, trafficking, violence, and torture for people of all backgrounds. With a diverse background as a Petroleum Engineer, NASA Scholar, and Supply Chain Executive, Dong’s approach extends to collaborating with DOJ, ICE, and FBI on trafficking and money laundering cases.

A TEDx speaker, author of “Thank Your Predator: A Guide to Trauma Recovery from Abuse”, Dong’s expertise combines personal and professional experiences, fostering innovation and partnerships to combat trafficking comprehensively. A member of national human trafficking leadership councils, and formerly a diplomat at the British Consulate General, she influences inclusive, equitable, and data-driven policies. Her involvement with the Center for Countering Human Trafficking and training of law enforcement and victim service providers bridges gaps in culturally sensitive care.

Eileen Dong’s leadership is exemplified by her speech at the 2023 World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, embodying the theme of not leaving any victim behind. Honored with “Eileen Dong Day” by Houston’s Mayor, her achievements, including the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and Addy Award, have reached a global audience of 37.2 million through media features on ABC, Fox, and TED Talk.

You can find information about the things we discussed below:

2023 International Conference on Abuse (Oct 26, HYBRID): 2023 International Conference on Abuse & Awards

“Thank Your Predator: A Guide to Trauma Recovery from Abuse”:

To learn more Eileen Dong, or to book Ms Dong for speaking or advising:

To stay up to date about future events:

International Survivors Network:

The Ms Texas Show:

To make a charitable donation: Donate Now – HOPE PYX GLOBAL



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