A new and much needed initiative. SafeguardingInternational Schools. http://www.ChildSafeguarding.com is launching.

This recognises the need to offer child protection training to all staff at international schools, whatever their role and in their own language. The CEO is Matt Harris and he is todays guest on the programme.

For years he has wanted to develop this resource and, at last, it’s come to fruition, offering safeguarding to schools.

His background experience and expertise lie at the nexus of technology, schools, and the global education landscape. Currently, Dr. Harris works as an international educational consultant and as Co-Founder and CEO of ChildSafeguarding.com. In his consulting work, Dr. Harris has helped schools, districts, and educational technology companies with educational technology strategic planning, market penetration, growth, systems design, training, and program development. He has worked with organizations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Australia, and Asia.  His eLearning company, ChildSafeguarding.com, is bringing child abuse prevention education to all learners regardless of literacy level, geography, or language. The target audience are people who don’t normally participate in CP training: cleaners, canteen workers, security guards, gardeners, etc. Releasing in June 2020, the course has garnered interest from schools and governmental organizations in 30+ countries. Previously, Dr. Harris worked as an educational leader and teacher in schools and universities in North America and Asia. He served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Dr. Harris is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, Google Certified Innovator, and Common Sense Education Ambassador.

Matt is committed, once ChildSafeguarding is fully up and running, to putting some profit back into funding

initiatives as they emerge from the work of the company.

There are still spaces at the free webinars on 30th June when Matt and colleague Angelica Nierras will outline both  the background and vision of ChildSafeguarding and answer questions.

Webinar 1: 30 June 2020 – 10am Singapore-Beijing / 12pm Sydney / 7 pm Los Angeles
Register here: https://edtch.co/2zFvXcW

Webinar 2: 30 June 2020 – 6pm Singapore / 2pm Dubai / 11am London
Register here: https://edtch.co/2AF4yZ2

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