Jim – “I have never ever met anybody in the safeguarding community who didn’t care about the people they were going in to protect”

Jim Gamble brings over thirty years experience from the world of protective services and a strong reputation for successful delivery in counter terrorism, organized and hi-tech crime prevention and child protection.

A strong advocate of international multi-agency partnerships, Jim was the founding Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, the Association of Chief Police Officers lead on Child Protection and Child Trafficking and the founder and initial Chair of the Virtual Global Task Force, an international collaboration to make children safer online. His primary focus has been on developing effective multi-sector partnerships that make people safer.

Jim was awarded the QPM for his services to policing.

In our interview Jim (@JimGamble_INEQE) discussed INEQE, a business focussing on making peoples lives safer, specifically child protection, through training and technology on a global scale.

He explained the Safer Secure Schools and Colleges Programme – how students and teachers are being educated on the benefits and harms of social media engagement, as well as equipping them with OFSTED level requirements to help them create safer online engagements. He explains the need for educating children on the mechanics of social media use rather than prevention of access as this enables the benefits of social media to be utilised by children rather than encouraging hidden damaging behaviours.

Jim states that cyber bullying should be credited as a criminal offence if it has health and social risks to children’s lives. This conversation flows into the use of technology in identifying victims of child abuse and how we can protect those who are abused and can save them from their exploitation. We need to continue to advance technology to identify abusers and resources to rescue those who need to be.

Jim argues ‘we need to be asking ourselves in social care every time we engage with a child “did I hear them and have I helped them?”‘, and that social workers need to understand the online profiles the children they work with create as well as their home lives. This will dramatically aid social workers to protect children and families to a greater extent, as long as technology is embraced and not just seen as a a dangerous tool.


Links Jim discusses which help prevent bullying and aid child protection:


Safety Center


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