Justin Humphreys is the Executive Director of Safeguarding of CCPAS. This Charity , formed in 1977, has over 8000 subscribing organisations, churches and other bodies that look to it for training, consultancy , DBS checking and general support. It operates all through the UK and has strong links abroad.

Justin talks of the challenges facing faith based organisations in the current climate of attention on historic abuse and what CCPAS is able to do to make them safer.

The objective is to make vulnerable children and adults safer when involved with places of worship, organisations and individuals in the wider faith community.

Find out more about them ( main number 01322 517817) , through www.ccpas.co.uk ,  or a 24 hour helpline 0845 120 4550 (though out of hours for urgent calls only)

Thanks, as always, to Alba Digital Media for technical support to the Podcast.

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