I highlight the future interviews scheduled for the programme including Dame Tessa Jowell.

– Privatising child protection services –  I reflect on the Children’s Minister Edward Timpson’s latest comments on the current issue about the misrepresentation in the media of government plans.

– Community Care have publicised the revised and relaunched standards for social work employers in England. I doubt that improvements have been made and so comment on the tensions between expectations and reality. There have been comments from Unison and BASW about supporting the standards for social workers which I have really welcomed.

–  I reflect on my favourite podcasts from the last 30 episodes:

Firstly ‘This is my childhood; there will be no other’ was a fantastic conference David Niven Associates and BASPCAN held together on early childhood and the ‘toxic trio’. I put together an hour long special of highlights from the speakers which are invaluable for all working with families in episode 26.

Secondly Jim Gamble in episode 28 (a strong advocate of international multi-agency partnerships, Jim was the founding Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and founder of INEQE). He talked passionately and knowledgably about the use of social media in children’s childhoods and how social care staff can protect them – primarily through embracing it and making it safe.

– I discuss my personal views on peadophilia and child protection, as it is my passion to ensure the safeguarding of children. I’ve had many experiences of witnessing the capture of peadophiles and seeing the sheer quantity of seized material, also I share my experiences of people trying to sell me their children on the beaches of Sri Lanka. There have been recent advances in police activity in child protection, those working in the area have known many ways to do this for decades and so it is bitter sweet – how many children would have had their abuse prevented if they had listened to our lobbying?

Thank you ever so much for listening to episode 30, I hope you enjoy this reflective episode. Thank you for your feedback on Linked In and twitter, do keep it coming in and please do comment on iTunes – it all helps with thee ratings and I want to feature your views and know what you want to hear in future episodes.



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