ATII stands for the Anti Human Traffiking Intelligence Initiative  a non profit organisation promoting corporate responsibility,awareness raising,intelligence integration,technical advancement and data collaboration.SAM GRABER is the chief Communications Officer of ATII

We talk of the importance of identifying supply chains in traffiking situations and how front line workers can learn from financial analysts. 

Dr. Samantha Graber comes from a holistic healthcare background and has solidified her niche within the ATII team. She comes to ATII with not only an uncanny skill for looking at complex problems holistically, she brings with her a wealth of personal experience navigating the human trafficking world through “boots on the ground” volunteering and tactical strategy. Samantha has completed the US Department of Justice’s Law Enforcement Investigative Response to Child Sex Trafficking course which gives her a unique perspective into law enforcement’s response to this egregious criminal network. This blend of experiences will keep ATII mission-centered and vision-driven in combatting all forms of human traffiking.

Dr. Samantha Graber was an active clinician for over 25 years during which she saw how preventable problems spiral out of control when the core issues are not identified and corrected. This is how ATII. she views the scourge of human trafficking. Samantha will work to unify the anti-human trafficking community through her work at ATII.

I plan to follow up this podcast with a second after March 11th onlineSummit  a packed day of information and education with panels of expert speakers. ( an audience of 1600 already booked )

My thanks , as always , to  for their help on the technical side of this podcast.

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