In the 50th year of the British Association of Social Workers ( BASW ) it is fitting that my 100th podcast is with the National Chair, Gerry Nosowska. The Heritage Year sees challenges both national and international but finds the Association in a strong position, representing more than 20,000 social workers and growing. With further pleasant coincidence, I was the National Chair at the 25th anniversary and remember well the good , the difficult and the warmth of having a supportive professional association.

Gerry is a registered social worker and Chair of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW), re-elected for a second term. The professional association for social work and social workers in the UK provides support to social workers, leads on the development of the profession in the UK, and advocates for social justice.

She is the founder and Director of Effective Practice, which supports organisations to improve social care, working with practitioners, managers and leaders to develop practice so that they can serve adults, families and children better. Gerry is also co-presenter of the podcast.

Before working in practice improvement, she was a service manager in a large local authority, a team manager, and a social worker in community and integrated teams in England.

  • We talk of BASW’s Vision and Mission 2025 ( being put to the AGM on 15th September) –visit the BASW site to book a place!-
  • Covid19 and the future priorities for social work as well as the disappointment of support to some of the most vulnerable during the pandemic
  • The significance of 50 years to the profession and those we serve.
  • the well being of social workers, advice services provided by BASW.
  • The digital world and its impact now and in the future for practice.
  • ……………and so much more ……………

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