What social work can contribute during and following the Covid19 pandemic.


Professor Ngoh Tiong Tan is Chair of Global Institute for Social Work ( www.thegisw.org ) International Advisory Board —– President, Connexions International. —– Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences.—– Treasurer, International Association of Schools of Social Work.

We talk about the post Covid19 world and the work needed from the social work profession. Increasingly, the focus is on the vulnerable in societies worldwide and the danger they face from the social and economic fallout. The care needed in families. in neighbourhoods and in countries’ policy planning. Social work , in all its forms, is pivotal in delivering this care and in monitoring risk.

Whether it’s the increasing elderly population, the massively under-resourced needs of those with challenging mental health or those at physical or sexual risk from those around them, social work is needed as never before to assess, professionally befriend, access and distribute resources.

Tiong has pulled together areas of future need and development that include:-

  • Drastic social political change and
    measures to protect universal well
    Specific provisions for vulnerable
    groups and support
    Enhance family and Community
    Holistic health and Welfare.

Online training, home based learning, teleconferencing for social intervention,
Social Work training online.

This , in addition to a comprehensive outline of how to help the vulnerable in Singapore.

The GISW will play an important part in collecting and collating training for social workers and partner professionals as the world slowly recovers from the pandemic.

I will continue to reflect developments with the GISW as time goes by.

The next podcast will examine international recruitment of social care staff to fill vacancies in  the UK .

Then, in a further podcast, I want to look at a new initiative to help protect international schools with comprehensive whole school safeguarding training and follow up support.

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