Working With Resistant Parents

Course Aims

  • Understand and make use of the key factors in causes, nature and effects of aggression and resistance from parents in child protection work
  • Understand the responses of parents to our roles, and our own strengths and areas to work on further in our work with such parents
  • What we should expect from our supervisors/agencies/child protection procedures to support us in our work
  • The legal and policy issues to support us in our work
  • Techniques and methods ┬áto approach and respond to such parents
  • The role of observation assessment, and use of chronology and risk assessments


  • Participants will be more able to build upon their own knowledge of their work area to understand key issues from the literature, policy, regulations and research.
  • They will have a greater awareness of barriers to engagement by resistant and violent parents, and be able to identify methods to overcome such parental strategies.







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