This Podcast features Jon Brown as my guest. We talk of developments in child protection, the work of the NSPCC  and the future strategy and digital importance in safeguarding children. Since April 2010 he has been in post as Head of Strategy and Development with the NSPCC helping to take forward the new organisational strategy in relation to sexual abuse. Jon is responsible for the design and commissioning of service, policy and research development. In January 2012 he also took responsibility for leading the NSPCCs work with disabled children.

Jon is a qualified Social Worker with a Masters in Social Policy from the LSE. During his career as a Probation Officer and Social Worker he has been responsible for setting up and managing a range of sexual abuse services ranging from therapeutic services for child victims, services for children and young people with sexually harmful behaviour and services for adult sex offenders and he reflects on the work of the NSPCC.

Between 2003-07 Jon was Chair of NOTA, the National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers and remains on the National Executive Committee. He is also a Trustee of the Loudoun Trust which exists to promote evidence based research and practice in the field of sexual aggression against children, he is a Board member of eNACSO (European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online) and he is a peer reviewer for the Economic and Social Research Council.

Prior to taking up this role with the NSPCC Jon was Operational Director of Children’s Services with Action for Children.



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