There are parts of the legal process that clearly are not as efficient and effective as they could be. The recent case of a Barrister accusing a child of being a sexual predator and the Judge agreeing with him showed this clearly.

In the UK we have an adversarial system of justice where it’s all about winning. In some other European countries they have an inquisitorial system of justice which is all about getting at the truth. So, certain specially trained magistrates can if necessary even spend time with a family in child care cases to try and ascertain what’s really the situation.

Our Judges desperately need specialist training.

It’s the easiest thing in the world for adults to blame a child—Eddie Shah just suggested that some young children are responsible for times when adults abuse them—I know he was accused and cleared of abuse– but to then go on and suggest that a young child can control and force an adult to commit an offence-with the assumption that the adult is powerless to say no–seems ridiculous and dangerous as some other adults , hesitating to commit abuse themselves, may take the public pronouncements of celebrities as intellectual validation and so do things they would probably have stopped short of before.

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