According to Save the Children 1.6 million children in Britain live in poverty. Young children will tonight go to bed hungry, wake up cold and tired and this will undoubtedly affect their ability to absorb education.

The parents, more often than not, will be frustrated, depressed and despairing and even at times provoked into domestic violence by the sheer unfairness of their lives.  

Lacking in social opportunity the children will grow up in atmospheres of resentment and, even where the parents have some culpability in not providing well for the children, the impact is the same on the young ones. They can’t compete with the latest designer clothes and games that the advertisers keep pushing down the throats of children and families. 

Today one footballer is going to be sold for over 40 million pounds and the lifestyle that he represents is going to be flaunted to these young children again, producing a vicious cycle. 

What shameful hypocrisy allows this crazy spiral of selfishness and emotional cruelty to continue. That’s just in this country. How can we have reached a situation where we put this value on a human being playing football. This cost could probably feed, clothe and educate hundreds of our most vulnerable for a long time and not deny the country the great minds that might be released given half the chance?

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