Understanding Sexual Offending and Forensic Risk Assessments

Foundation course


Course description and aims

The aim of this course is to provide you with an understanding of sexual offending behaviour based on current theory and research. By the end of it, you will feel more confident when working with offenders and their families and have acquired skills necessary to help you to identify risks and contribute to multi agency public protection arrangements and risk assessments. The course will cover:-


Day one

Understanding sexual offending

  • Sexual offending: the myths and facts
  • Types of offending (not offender types) to also include women who offend and internet offending
  • Methodology of offending – to cover motivation, grooming (of victims/families and professionals/ agencies) and evasion techniques
  • Identifying and working with resistance and denial
  • Techniques to use when working with offenders


Day two

Understanding forensic risk assessment tools and methods and management of offenders in the community

  • What do we mean by risk assessment?
  • Generation approaches: to include the actuarial vs. Dynamic debate and identifying and understanding common tools used
  • Introduction to forensic report writing – rules to follow for professional witnesses
  • Sex offending treatment and management (circles of support and |multi agency public protection arrangements
  • How to assess if someone can be protective



Full course list





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