Tuning In Beyond Trauma: a new approach to Parenting

Course description

Controlling a child’s behaviour can trigger trauma in both children and adults and as research shows it affects the developing brain it is key. This course is therefore needed for carers of children who are unsure and scared of adults as they need to be approached in a method which works with the effects of trauma.



  • To provide an approach to parenting using research of brain development showing the effects of trauma on its development.
  • Give an understanding of the effects on parent-child relationships caused by trauma.
  • Provide an insight into the complex behaviour of traumatised children.
  • Give simple strategies to improve parent-child relationships.
  • Provides support to apply the Tuning In approach.


Training is for

  • Kinship and foster carers, adoptive parents and all those who support them
  • Any professional who works to support children who have lived with abuse and trauma and their parents and carers



Trainer bio

Jane Evans has worked for 19 years in a variety of settings including large and small scale voluntary organisations and for local authorities. She has consistently worked with families who have complex needs, such as experience of living with domestic violence and abuse, substance dependency, mental illness, learning difficulties, school non-attendance, homelessness, safeguarding needs and risk taking behaviours.

This has led her to undertake research into the effects of trauma, especially domestic violence and abuse, on parenting and child development and behaviour. She is using her research and front line experience to inform her training and consultancy work and as basis for a book.



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