So the Russians thought to subtly insult us by referring to the UK at the G20 summit as ‘just an insignificant little island’. The hope, was to further embarrass people and accentuate the rift between Britain and America.¬†

As it happens, I actually like the idea of us being looked at in that light. What’s wrong with being a country such as our Scandinavian neighbours who don’t pretend to be the worlds policeman or the conscience of the planet when troubles erupt on the other side of the globe. I know that Britain needs to have a view and to land whatever weight it can behind efforts to stop the killing but, having participated in policing duties in Bosnia, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan I think we’ve done a fair amount on the front line.

It’s difficult to imagine for some people that being a world power doesn’t always have to be reinforced by military might. Also, given the shambles in some of the other countries we have intervened it, its not just a moral dilemma any more, but a hard headed practical decision. I heard a woman on the radio phoning into the programme with quite a comfortable analogy. It was that, if you see two men fighting in the street for whatever the reason you don’t sort it out by rushing over and stabbing one man, but you try and talk them out of it for as long as it takes.

Maybe the international community should learn some social work skills as all that social workers do, whatever the scenario, involves conflict resolution.



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