I must be the most fortunate man in the world, in the last week I’ve been left $4.5 million in a will, had £400,000 left by a Nigerian cooperation, been informed of a $10.7 million trust fund which can be picked up in the United States and been blessed by a bishop in South Africa who had been holding onto several million pounds of property on my behalf and wants to give it to me with God’s blessing.

Hearing every day of the tens of thousands of people in the UK alone and the millions in the 3rd world who desperately have to exist on very limited income. The scams that are being perpetrated across the airwaves are superficially funny but obscene and the sadness is that so many people actually believe the messages they get. They give up their details and have their own limited savings stolen. There is so much in the news at the moment of the negativity of social media, the trolls and the bullies that populate cyber space. When you add to it the criminals and the financial scammers we can begin to understand what a dangerous place this can be.

As I’ve said earlier, I was there when Facebook confessed there are 80 million false accounts and there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of parents who falsify their childrens’ ages to get them an account. If only some of the money that we are asking from social media on the protective side could be given to schools to pay for time in verifying the ages of applicants for accounts then, although there would be a short delay, the net result is bound to be that only over 13’s could hold an account and that’s the least of what we need.

I wonder if any of you would like to join me in lobbying for this.

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