Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Course content

  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to the Safeguarding process
  • Awareness and application of a range of local and national policy and procedural frameworks when undertaking Safeguarding activity
  • Ensure service users/carers are supported appropriately to understand Safeguarding issues to maximise their decision making
  • Understand how best evidence is achieved
  • Understand when to use emergency systems to Safeguard adults
  • Maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date records
  • Demonstrate required level of skills and knowledge to undertake a Safeguarding Adults investigation


Who is the course for?

–         Social Workers

–         Nurses

–         Frontline managers

–         Integrated team managers

–         Head of nursing

–         Health and Social Care Provider service managers (Safeguarding champions)

–         Social worker or Care Manager who has received joint training, with the police, on adult protection

–         ABE Trained Investigation Officers (Achieving Best Evidence police)



Full course list







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