Working with Reluctant Parents and Disguised Compliance

Course Aims

  • To understand the characteristics of disguised compliance and the impact they have on outcomes for Children and Young People.
  • To look at strategies of working with disguised compliance and hard to engage families and the importance of information sharing.


Course Objectives

  • To develop a clearer understanding of how to identify disguised compliance at an earlier stage of interventions in order to ensure appropriate actions are taken at an earlier stage.
  • To develop a better insight into the impact of the professional involvement in relation to power imbalances.
  • To gain a better understanding of the effect of working with this particular type of service user group in relation to the professionals own feelings.



  • “Excellent training. Really enjoyed the group discussions and the multi-agency approach as always good to network and see things from other perspectives.”  Multi-agency Staff – Bristol


  • “Thank you for a very helpful and insightful course; I will use all of this information in practice – a very good day.” Multi-agency Staff – Bristol


  • “Facilitator was excellent and delivered the training with knowledge, passion and great enthusiasm, making the learning easy to understand and at a pace to suit all.” Multi-agency Staff – Bristol








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