Questioning Skills for Professional Outcomes

Course description

Many of us can only be effective in our roles if we are able to recognise what information is needed and have the skills to go out and get it. Delivered by trainers with a wealth of experience, this course gives people questioning skills to conduct an interview with a real purpose. It teaches tactics that ensure the best quality information is obtained so that investigations or projects can move forward better informed than ever before.



The one-day course raises levels of awareness and questioning skills in gathering information through structured questioning for those of the Children’s Workforce who work directly or indirectly with children and their families. It covers the importance of planning and preparing for conversations and evaluating the information gained to direct interventions that safeguard children. It introduces a proven model of interviewing to deal with barriers of communication and to build a professional rapport. It raises awareness of questioning styles and the most effective approach to obtaining information.



By the end of the module delegates will:

  • Be able to effectively plan and prepare for any interview to gather information for the purpose of safeguarding children.
  • Recognise barriers to communication and so engage and build an effective rapport.
  • Know how to obtain the most detailed information possible, differentiating between productive and counter-productive questions.
  • Know how to close an interview, leaving opportunities for future information gain.
  • Be able to effectively evaluate information gained.


The course is accredited by Bath Spa University as a module toward a Certificate of Education in ‘Integrated Child Protection Studies’


Trainer – Tony Domaille


In the field of child protection Tony is able to draw upon thirty years of experience as an investigator, practitioner and trainer. Before retiring from the police service he led an investigative team dealing with paedophile offending and crimes involving sexual exploitation of children via the Internet. Tony has trained professionals from statutory and other agencies throughout the South of England as well as abroad for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He has also been an interview advisor in major investigations.



  • “This training was excellent. All of the Health Visitors should have it, it must be repeated.”
  • “I used the open questioning techniques when I visited, I hadn’t realised how far away from that sort of questioning I was, and it really opened up the visit.”
  • “I will be more confident in visiting after the receipt of a domestic violence incident report.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the training.”
  • “My attention was 100% throughout as it was interesting and focussed.”
  • “Really good training – highlighted how easy it is to cut corners due to being very busy, and    the importance of taking time and asking the right questions.”
  • “The training opens new ways of working to get more successful outcomes.”


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