Jonathan Singer

Jonathan Singer

I was really pleased to be invited on to Jonathan Singer’s Social Work Podcast – one of the leading social work podcasts in the United States. Jonathan is an assistant professor of Social Work at Temple University and a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with children and families. He has always been an advocate of technology and thus set up the Social Work Podcast.

Like Jonathan I really appreciate the value of looking at our professional differences and similarities in the two countries. I’m hoping that somewhere along the way ideas are provoked as to how we can improve practice in both countries. There is an inherent difference in the road to social work in both countries and in public perception and service delivery but fundamental principles apply. As they do in most industrialised western nations. I discuss this at length with Jonathan and so do look out for his podcast in the coming days.

Although today’s discussion was a general on on social work education, child protection and therapeutic services it’s certainly given me the idea to talk more with professionals in different countries on specific subjects. Watch this space.

The process that Jonathan and I use to share information has now become quite important to me and I’m increasingly convinced of it’s educative value.

Podcasting has come a long way since its early days and although I’m delighted to have been in the vanguard for social work podcasting I hope I can attract a continually growing audience to interact and share new developments and cutting edge ideas. I’ve already blogged about the Compass Jobs Fair on the 19th March giving my own contribution to World Social Work Day giving my own interactive seminar on how new technology can advance social work practice. More than that I’m really looking forward to listening to ideas and innovations from across the social work spectrum and telling all my listeners about it.

It’s not just social work, the wider world of social care embracing all of our sister disciplines have so much to offer as well in the podcasting world. Reporting on that is something I take great pleasure in doing. So far I have interviewed Lyn Romeo, Annie Hudson, Bridget Robb and many more key figures in the social care sector. Not only do we hear from the top but also from the front line such as Jane Evans and David Akinsanya. It is an interactive and flexible medium to listen to interviews from those in our profession and I hope to continue to do so for you. Equally supporting fellow social work enthusiasts as Jonathan Singer and Deona Hooper as we bridge connections between different social care practice from around the globe.

Listen to my podcasts here.

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