I was talking to BBC Radio West Midlands about the Paul Wilson case and listening to some of the recommendations that would come from the serious case review.

I think I heard correctly that, at last, there is talk about the interview process where people are going to be asked more general sensible questions opposed to just looking at the results of competence. Up to now it is fairly usual for interviewers to focus on the skills of the person, take up references (which are not exactly from your enemy) and ask for a CRB check – which is only good at the time it is taken. How many interviews actually include the question ‘do you like children?’ or ‘what was your experience of childhood and what were the things that concerned you?’.

Paul sounds like a really evil depraved man who was allowed to practice his abusive behaviour for far far too long. He should have been interrupted much sooner and it will be interesting to read in the serious case review what the reasons were for ignoring the staff who were whistle blowing. I know its not always easy to point out colleagues apparent failings or worries but always where we talk about children or vulnerable adults they must come first.

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