Supporting Children Whose Parents Have Mental Health Needs


The development of skills and knowledge to increase confidence in ways of talking and working with children who have parents with mental health needs.




  • To gain a deeper understanding of  mental health classifications (The groups of illnesses and some of the specific conditions)
  • To gain a deeper understanding of signs and symptoms of mental health conditions (concentrating on the common conditions, and low key discussion of theories such as genetics, nature and nurture, environment, stress vulnerability etc.)
  • To gain an appropriate knowledge of the Mental Health Act and in particular detention sections (4, 5(2) 5(4) 2, and 3)
  • The effects of Mental Illness and the potential effect of this on parenting skills (how can being mentally ill effect ability to parent effectively)
  • To address the consideration of children’s age and competency (Use for different media and approaches to discuss sensitive topics)
  • Practical case study development by participants

Detailed consideration of case study details and practical interactions offered as a group exercise and agreed approaches.



Full course list














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