The Social World Podcast

After a good look at some of the inside pages in the media I discuss:

  • A new book by a Swedish psychiatrist criticising liberal parenting and challenging a long held belief in Swedish society concerning the ways that children are disciplined (or not as the case may be).
  • The comments by the just stepped down Attorney General saying he thinks it should be a criminal offence not to report child abuse. This is in the light of many occasions that have been reported where professionals such as teachers, doctors, priests etc have been aware of child abuse occurring but chosen not to report it.
  • In the run up to the festive season we hear shocking reports of at least 80,000 homeless children in the UK. This is a report published by Shelter who point out the disgraceful conditions that some families have to live in and ministers who say that there’s already enough money being given to local authorities to sort this.

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