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148 Donna Ohdedar. Perception of Safeguarding.

148 Donna Ohdedar. Perception of Safeguarding.


Donna Ohdedar. Perception of Safeguarding. From time to time I like to have a talk with those who manage essential parts of the safeguarding landscape. Today I’m talking to Donna who is CEO of a company that conducts serious case reviews into adult and child deaths and serious incidents.

Donna has 16 years public sector experience, including her last role as Head of Law for a leading metropolitan authority. Now a safeguarding adviser, solutions focused mentor, public speaker & trainer, Donna offers her university accredited training programme, SILP School. She is also host of the Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse Sector podcast.

Donna is involved in serious case reviews in both children’s and adults’ safeguarding, domestic homicide and is a SILP Reviewer and Mentor. S.I.L.P. stands for Single Incident Learning Process.. Donna offers ‘SILP School’ her university accredited training course, CPD for reviewers & a free online network for leaders in review practice. She is also the host of the SILP School Podcast. S.I.L.P.Training is now an established process.Some reports are too long for what’s required and a rapid review can, when appropriate, deliver suitable learning recommendations that can bolster public confidence.—which took us on to the responsibilit of the safeguarding professions to find better ways to show the mainstream media all the vast amount of good work going on–just to balance the cases that result in serious injury or death–in fact it’s only the criminal cases that command space.

Changes could include an improvement in the number of reviews that contain the voice of the family–in 2021 one third of children’s reviews didn’t include this.Now there are over 70 people who have undertaken  S.I.L.P.Training. These include child protection professionals from Health, Legal, Social Work and Police.

Our conersation ranged widely and covered safeguarding accross the sector.

All details of Donna and her work are on the links below


SILP School:

Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse Sector Podcast:


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147 John Pizzuro CEO Raven anti child exploitation

147 John Pizzuro CEO Raven anti child exploitation

John is the CEO of Raven, the first and only 501(c)4 group ( social welfare, not for profit )  focused on child exploitation in the United States, John works with lawmakers, advocates, agencies, and organizations who are willing to challenge the status quo and fight to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Prior to that John spent 25 years in the New Jersey State police where John had spent his last six years as The Internet Crimes Against Children Commander where he led a team of 200 investigators. In that capacity John served as Chair of the Outreach Committee, and US representative to INTERPOL. John developed a penchant for neuroscience, understanding social engineering and how criminals lured their victims and in return used those same techniques to lure criminals out of the shadows. John made it is mission to protect the innocent and leveraging partners skillsets in order to accomplish that. John’s Task force arrested over 1500 individuals that preyed on the innocent. John has developed and teaches classes on Cognitive Interviewing. John speaks frequently regarding leading and managing large scale investigations, leadership, online grooming, child exploitation, Human trafficking, social engineering, and how technology has impacted society and their behavior. He has written framework for other countries to develop their own investigative units with best practices. John is certified as a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and has an M.A. in Human Resource Development and Training

John and colleagues from Raven addressed Congress this week and talked of how complex and challenging the threats to children are in our communities. check out the link.

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146 Prof. Jonathan Singer, Suicide Prevention Month.

146 Prof. Jonathan Singer, Suicide Prevention Month.


As it’s the start of Suicide Prevention Month there could be no better guest than Professor Jonathan Singer who until recently held a National position in the United States but also has written extensively on the subject of suicide prevention.

All this on top of presenting an award winning podcast for 15 years  

Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW is Professor at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Social Work, Past-President of the American Association of Suicidology and coauthor of the best-selling text, Suicide in Schools: A Practitioner’s Guide to Multi-level Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, and Postvention. Published by Routledge.

In 2023 NASW named him a Social Work Pioneer for bringing podcasting to social work. He is a two-time winner of the National Association of Social Workers Media Award (2012 and 2016). He was a 2014 Visiting Scholar at Fordham University, the 2017 Lucille N. Austin Scholar at Columbia University, and the 2018 Distinguished Lecturer at Weber State University.

Dr. Singer is a well-regarded international speaker who has given hundreds of continuing education workshops, keynote addresses, and presentations on youth suicide, ethics, technology, adolescent development and attachment-based family therapy in the USA, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. He is an NASW Expert, Healio Psychiatry Peer Perspective Board member, and has served on several national youth advisory boards including Sandy Hook Promise, JED Foundation, Suicide Prevention Resource Center, and the National Suicide Prevention (988 Suicide & Crisis) Lifeline.

A pioneer in the integration of technology and social work, Dr. Singer is an original member of the online suicide prevention . Founded in January 2007, the Social Work Podcast is the first podcast by and for social workers, with over 50,000 followers on social media, listeners in 208 countries and territories, and over 8 million downloads. He lives in Evanston, IL with his wife and three children and can be found on Twitter as @socworkpodcast and Facebook at

To access excellent resources for Suicide Prevention Month 23 (#SPM23)  the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s two-page guide.  

The second edition of ‘Suicide in Schools’ will be published in the next few months.

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