It’s amazing sometimes how the dividing line blurs between the written and the spoken media. However I’m going to try and make some kind of distinction between them from now on.

I’ve been persuaded to start a podcast as it seems there’s a growing audience and opportunity to listen, learn and pass on information. It also gives a chance to do some nice interviews. It’s like having your own radio programme. God knows I might even put some music in the background.

I am going to carry on the themes that I began to establish in the blog, everything ranging from injustice through to good practice as well as sprinkling in bits of the world’s stupidity and probably a few nuggets of absolute magic.

It’s quite exciting being able to have what they call a multi-platform communications system. I just hope that we can use it to our best advantage and that I can start some genuine dialogue about subjects that have lived with me for years.

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