Over the years I have come across so much good and bad practice when it comes to how we protect our children. Today’s publication of the Jillings report just illustrates to me how we have all our priorities wrong and how we put other aspects of our society before the protection of children. 

I know that currently there are abuse enquiries by Mrs Justice Macur and operation Pallial but, as always, we are investigating things that occurred 10, 20, 30 years ago, and still not getting it right. What confidence does that give the general public that we are getting it right now? 

Insurance companies dictated whether or not we should protect out children because they were terrified of paying out money to victims and survivors of the systematic abuse that occurred in the North Wales children’s home. This pressure on Local Authorities and voluntary sector agencies where historic abuse has been alleged is not uncommon. 

Again, we are into the partial revelations of a redacted report today. It’s just not good enough. Sometimes you wonder if we treat animals in this country better than how we treat children. Social workers and police officers are criticised regularly for not protecting a child. I have no problem with social workers or police officers who have failed to come up to professional standards being challenged and disciplined if needed. But, when there appears to be institutional cover-ups, money before children’s health and well-being, self-interest and cowardliness before genuine welfare – it makes our systems very hard to swallow.

Is transparency too expensive?

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