I was asked to do a radio interview concerning peoples’ worries about the exposure of children to sexualised lads’ magazines and the fact that the Co-op is insisting that they all are covered in a modesty sleeve and not available openly at eye level.

This has been a perennial debate with all sorts of publications being discussed in the past. There was also a call from an ex glamour model that future glamour models should be over 21 i.e. Page 3 of The Sun etc. 

Some things are not as easy as others. I don’t believe that children should be exposed to things before they are of an age to make a sophisticated decision. The same applies to TV shows, DVDs, magazines, internet content etc. Anything that exploits people should be banned. 

However, adults choosing behaviour freely is a strong part of any democratic society as well. It’s just that keeping these two objectives apart is often very difficult and, just like in days gone by, children will always try and seek out things that they are forbidden to do. 

One of my main objections comes when parents, other adults or older siblings knowingly allow children to experience adult content and behaviour, and often out of stupidity as much as any other abusive reason. Which brings us back to education . . . . 

You used to see in tabloid newspapers outrage and condemnation of paedophiles and other abusers on their front pages and adverts for restaurants whose staff are dressed as sexualised school girls on the advert pages with no shame or acknowledgement of their hypocrisy. 

Lets have some of your thoughts. 



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