Moderating Interactive Services on the Internet

The number of interactive services and social networking sites used by children and young people is growing all the time with providers being joined by Local Authorities wanting to deliver safe interactive services in their area. It is essential that people who know how to recognise and respond to risks to children moderate these sites and this course makes that possible.


The Internet has brought advantages that we might only have dreamed of not so long ago but it has also brought new dangers to society. More recently the growth of social networking sites has provided paedophiles with previously unheard of opportunities to groom children for sexual exploitation. DNA has already trained local authority staff and written policy and procedures for youth websites.


 By the end of this one-day course delegates will be able to:


  • Understand the role of the moderator, when and how moderators are expected to intervene, and the activities that are prohibited to moderators
  • Demonstrate an awareness of child protection issues with regard to exploiting children online
  • Know when to intervene and use an agreed escalation procedure
  • Recognise behaviour patterns which constitute criminal offences or may be worth further investigation.
  • Be able to recognise and respond appropriately to those who are vulnerable or at risk
  • Be aware of material that could be illegal
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the potential risks to children posed by abusers using interactive services


Full course list





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