I was delighted to be invited to record many of the speakers at the 16th UK Joint Social Work Education Conference and 8th UK Social Work Research Conference at Royal Holloway, University of London at the the end of July 2014.

It was a powerful and hugely educating 3 days and the quality of speakers, workshops and networking was truly inspiring. The organisers kindly provided a unique studio space in the main atrium and so, while capturing the thoughts of  20+ of the many speakers in an interview setting, the flavour of the conference was always spilling into the background–I hope you agree that this just reproduced the ambiance.

Keynote speakers:

  • Harry Ferguson – Nottingham University
  • Brigid Featherstone – Open University
  • Kate Morris – Nottingham University
  • John Devany – Queens University, Belfast
  • John Carpenter – University of Bristol

and Tim Kelly – Chair of conference.

In the next 2 or 3 podcasts the subject matters to be covered by the key notes and delegates will be:

  • contemporary uses of baby and young child observation
  • exploring the use of self; embodying social work
  • leaky masculinities; challenges of social work with risky men
  • swimming with sharks; assessment of families where sexual abuse is a primary factor
  • newly qualified social worker perspectives
  • Chief social work advisor to Scottish government
  • more front line social work perspectives
  • evaluation of twitter to encourage identity in new students
  • ethical uses of social media in social work
  • child safeguarding and domestic abuse thresholds
  • service user perspective of the delivery of social services
  • the perspective of young care leavers and using social media to promote it
  • the authors of social media in social work education

Such a rich array of subjects and talents and only a fraction of what was on offer. The first episode I hope to publish on Thursday. subsequent episodes to follow.

I hope you enjoy it.



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