Impact of Domestic Violence

Course description

A course for practitioners engaging with families, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced the impact of domestic violence, to understand the effects on the development, well-being and safety of children and young people.


Aims & Objectives:

  • To understand the dynamics of domestic violence in a family setting.
  • Explore the impact of domestic violence from a children/young person’s perspective.
  • To understand the effects of domestic violence on the bonding of children with the non-abusive parent.
  • To have an understanding of the correlation between domestic abuse and child abuse.
  • To explore the risk and safety issues of parent separation and child contact issues.



  • To be able to identify children living within a domestic abuse setting or who have experienced the impact of domestic violence.
  • To be able to work with the non-abusive parent to increase the safety for both parent and children.
  • To be able to refer to appropriate child support agencies and services.
  • To be able to identify child protection concerns and act appropriately.



  • “Clear and knowledgeable trainers” Senior Practitioner – Bristol
  • “Very interesting and well presented. Good mxix of visual aids.” Senior Practitioner – Bristol
  • “Very comprehensive, really enjoyed the training. Very interesting and engaging.” Social Worker – Bristol



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