The number of children identified by the UK human trafficking centre who are victims in the UK rose by 12% its still over 2000 identified victims. Although social workers and others are aware of the terrible circumstances that some children find themselves in, there’s still not enough training and support given to statutory authorities to identify those in trouble. 

Many people still question whether human trafficking still even takes place in the UK and I’m reminded of a television interview I saw some years ago when the young, keen, fresh faced interviewer was asking a middle aged eccentric woman who insisted that fairies and elves populate her garden at night, infusing her stones with energy to help the crops grow. He was extremely sceptical and disparaging to a woman who had sincerely held beliefs (albeit difficult to understand) and he interrogated her on camera asking her how the viewers could possibly accept what she said. She just said one thing to him and then turned and walked back into her house. She said “how can a frog at the bottom of a well appreciate the ocean?” I think large sections of our population need to climb out of the well and perhaps it would do them no harm to log on from the 16th – 18th October to the Counter Child Trafficking Online Conference ( )

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