092 international social work recruitment

092 international social work recruitment


I talk to Lee Emmett  Managing Director of Sanctuary International about recruitment of staff from overseas and

the importance of ethical behaviour in doing so.

Lee heads up Sanctuary’s International division, with a focus on client relationships and developing recruitment solutions for the NHS. It’s been a sharp learning curve and the most rewarding period of his career to date. Lee enjoys having the freedom to grow and to work for a company where its values align with his own. He believes Sanctuary stands out because of its integrity and expects the company to be a clear market leader in the mid-long term due to its technology-led solutions.

During his ten years at Sanctuary Lee has managed and set up several divisions. He’s particularly proud to see that the individuals he’s recruited and supported have developed into high performers. He enjoys working in a team of likeminded and driven colleagues and has made some amazing friends along the way.

The number of agency social workers in English children’s services grew by 10% last year government statistics have revealed. In the 12 months to 30 September 2019, the number of locums employed by local authorities increased from 5,530 to 6,090, figures published by the Department for Education showed.

With 106 thousand social workers in the UK and hundreds of thousands of staff in the health care sector, the dependence on overseas recruitment is going to be key for the forseeable future. Getting the process and the introduction right is vital for the delivery of the service our communities deserve.


On the next podcast I continue the international theme by speaking to Matt Harris CEO of ChildSafeguarding, a new and exiting initiative aimed at providing safeguarding training and support to all staff in international schools and which launches on 30.06.20.

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091  Post Covid19 social work.

091 Post Covid19 social work.

What social work can contribute during and following the Covid19 pandemic.


Professor Ngoh Tiong Tan is Chair of Global Institute for Social Work ( www.thegisw.org ) International Advisory Board —– President, Connexions International. —– Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences.—– Treasurer, International Association of Schools of Social Work.

We talk about the post Covid19 world and the work needed from the social work profession. Increasingly, the focus is on the vulnerable in societies worldwide and the danger they face from the social and economic fallout. The care needed in families. in neighbourhoods and in countries’ policy planning. Social work , in all its forms, is pivotal in delivering this care and in monitoring risk.

Whether it’s the increasing elderly population, the massively under-resourced needs of those with challenging mental health or those at physical or sexual risk from those around them, social work is needed as never before to assess, professionally befriend, access and distribute resources.

Tiong has pulled together areas of future need and development that include:-

  • Drastic social political change and
    measures to protect universal well
    Specific provisions for vulnerable
    groups and support
    Enhance family and Community
    Holistic health and Welfare.

Online training, home based learning, teleconferencing for social intervention,
Social Work training online.

This , in addition to a comprehensive outline of how to help the vulnerable in Singapore.

The GISW will play an important part in collecting and collating training for social workers and partner professionals as the world slowly recovers from the pandemic.

I will continue to reflect developments with the GISW as time goes by.

The next podcast will examine international recruitment of social care staff to fill vacancies in  the UK .

Then, in a further podcast, I want to look at a new initiative to help protect international schools with comprehensive whole school safeguarding training and follow up support.

My thanks to albadigitalmedia for their technical support in producing this podcast.

Please send a Speakpipe message ( voicemail tag on site) or e-mail media@socialworldpodcast.com

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090 Environment & Covid19 & Poetry

090 Environment & Covid19 & Poetry

Covid19 has been a nightmare for all populations. Paradoxically, the planet and the environment have benefited.

Just before lockdown, I was invited with a group of poets in Bath to respond to a short but powerful video produced by two remarkable women by writing and reading poems reflecting their lament on environmental destruction.

Rise: From one island to another is their work. One is from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific and the other is from Greenland.  They are Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner and Aka Niviâna

https://350.org/rise-from-one-island-to-another/ is the link.

In response we produced short poems each and are posting on You Tube soon.

For now, these are the ones I read on today’s podcast.

All land is hallowed

with earth baptised by some god

and seas swum in by angels.

yet we walk in sadness,

watching sisters in two oceans

paint our legacy

in words of despair.

we, the infant stewards,

young with no control,

just blind

to broken rocks and shells.

this is a globe of poisons,

close to oblivion,


by each  generation,

as our sun takes her dead child

back to the beginning.


Pacific child

cannot stop the theft


Some sand can be saved

but not all.

the woman of the sand

sings so sweetly

of love and protection,

speaks a verse

in praise of perfection,

with a golden invitation

to the land of ice

where a soul sister cries

with every melting day.

no faith

a heart left broken

and land has gone

where mammoths stood.


I also read this poem I wrote reflecting the historical  savaging of local land over 2000 years



Blood washed and slate, the sky presided

over one hour’s walk to mark the mines.

the mist formed veils in fading light

as shadows slid from shafts

and a banshee of an owl claimed the night.


long headed shepherds, moor and marsh dreamers,

prehistoric miners of Iberian descent

all colonise the hills and form

a Charterhouse of painted caves and white skulls

then the mist moves as a turning worm.


hard and straight the lines of Rome converge

with convicts for the mining and theatres for the troops

smells of alchemy, arrogance and blood

seep through villas whose owners rattle dice cups

on mosaics where the wolf packs stood.


the bleakest times of iron and mud soaked wars

let a merchant church command the shafts.

between the rage of Forresters, the Royal sword

and the silver greed of Bishops,

the land wept lead without a word.


near Cheddar streams as red as Waterloo soldiers

boys curled up and faded with seven years of life.

in the swamp smell tunnels, through gruffy ground,

lamps in a thousand tents vanished in the wind

and left the owl, in the mist, the only sound.


all quiet now on the desolate hill. no noise

and silent graves, washed away with slurry

but their spirits pray in the heather bed,

near the reeds where snipe prepare for sleep

and the grassland as the rabbits lick the lead.


and finally a short poem from the UK  about Covid19 by Georgina Shuckburgh  a west country poet.



I remember when Corona

Was a fizzy red drink,

Long before we were

Keyed by Lockdown.

Men with yellow floppy hair

Lead us who knows where

And we resort to Zoom,

Our new neighbourhood.

The Queen comes out of hibernation

To evoke another Dunkirk

And ask us to stay at home,

Saving the odd trip to the supermarket,

Where staff with huge lollipops

In strict two metre exclusion zones,

March the aisles.

And march we still in daily exercise

To the beat of virus doom.

Friends remark on guilty secrets

Of peace and quiet and bird song

Of books read and puzzles solved.

The domestic violence of our precious lives

Wielded not at each other

But at another clod of earth.

We few, we precious few,

Give some thought to

Those that risk their lives

Whilst others fight for their’s

And each Thursday proffer claps

In exchange,

Applauding our own survival.



My thanks , as always, to Alba Digital Media for technical assistance on this podcast.

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089 Captain R M Niven Memories

089 Captain R M Niven Memories


Memories from World War 2

Welcome back to all.  After six years non stop , I took a breather. Now it feels right to restart and expand and I hope you’ll be pleased with the result.

This is the first in the new series of podcasts that will be more of a magazine format than before.

As always , there will be room for social care and safeguarding. I can’t just leave some things that have been so much part of my life. However I want to broaden the scope and include history, culture and stories from some of the hundreds of people I’ve met along the way.

Poetry and literature will play a significant part.

This first one is personal and features stories from my uncle. my father’s youngest brother, who would have been 100 this month if he hadn’t sadly passed away last year aged 99. He was a good man and in his latter years decided to write down some memories from the second world war. As we’ve just remembered the 75th anniversary of VE Day, I thought it right to let you hear some of his experiences. True to the man, he must have seen great suffering and tragedy but he chose only to record, in his words, ” Some of the nicer things I experienced during the second world war “.

He was a Captain in the 2nd Highland Light Infantry ( Glasgow ) and served in the Middle East, Sicely, Italy and Greece.

During this time he met Winston Churchill, F D Roosevelt, Montgomery, Marshall Tito and Pope Pius XII among a host of others.


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088 Safeguarding Impact Conference

14th March 2019  Leeds Town Hall. Safeguarding Impact Conference.

Speakers include: Opposition Shadow Minister for Children and Families  Emma Lewell-Buck MP


Police and Crime Commissioner for W Yorkshire Mark Burns Williamson OBE

Dean Coady OBE highly decorated former detective specialising in safeguarding.

Andy Woodward Football player and whistleblower of abuse in sport.

Colin Radcliffe  founder of DEpressON mental health App.

Head of Development and Impact at the NSPCC  Jon Brown

Senior spokesperson from the Internet Watch Foundation

Senior speakers from the Disclosure and Barring Service

Ann Marie Christian international Safeguarding Consultant

Christina Gabbitas Author and honourary member NSPCC Council

David Niven  Member International Advisory Board Global Institute of Social Work. Independent Chair of Bradford Safeguarding Children’ s Board.

Book now  eliziamevents.com   Some free students’ places still!!!!


Thanks as usual to Alba Digital Media for their technical support. 

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087 Claudia Megele Online Safety

087 Claudia Megele Online Safety

The internet can be a dangerous place and protecting the vulnerable from those who prey on them is becoming more and more important.

Claudia is an expert on digital engagement and online safeguarding. She is co-chair of the Principal Social Workers’ national network. She is a fellow of National Institute of Health Research NIHR and Head of Service within a local authority.

She is the founder of “Social Work and Media” Network (@SWSCmedia) which was the first open access social work community offering weekly open debate about social work and social care topics. She is also the founder of “Mental Health Chat” @MHChat community and was the first social work lecturer to embed social media as a required part of academic curricula in a social work qualifying programmes.

Claudia has advised and led various boards including as: member of the advisory board of the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), Trustee of Mind, and the Chair and Vice-Chair of Tower Hamlets Police and Community Safety Board.

Over the past 14 years she has researched social media technologies and their impact and has published her work ranging from Theorizing Twitter Chat to studying the effect of social media on relationships, identity and empathy, to her book on Safeguarding Children and Young People Online.

Claudia was selected as one of the 50 most influential higher education (HE) professionals using social media by JISC and as one of the top 10 most engaged power women on LinkedIn UK by LinkedIn.

The combination of Claudia’s academic, research, practice, and leadership experience offer her a unique and in-depth expertise in social media technologies and their impact.


There’s another Reach Out Speak Out Safeguarding Conference in Leeds on 14th March. I’m very pleased to be a speaker again. Have a look…  http://tinyurl.com/y99xqy5f

My thanks as always to Alba Digital Media for their technical support.

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086 Jenni Randall & her Looked After children project

086 Jenni Randall & her Looked After children project


A fantastic folk rock CD to raise funds for Looked After Children.

The project is Jenni’s brainchild  and marries her lifelong love of social work with her passion for folk and folk-rock music. She is an award winning social worker who has retired to live in Cromer and has linked up with the Rees Care Leavers Foundation, a national charity that provides ongoing support for those who have previously been in care. Jenni Randall was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award for her work in social service. Since retirement she has cotinued to pursue projects dear to her heart and the situation of looked after children.

The money raised from the CD and the launch concert will be used to set up new projects in East Anglia and other parts of the country providing specialist counsellors and mentors to assist care experienced young adults with a range of issues including searching for and understanding their own personal story and family history. She realised that there was a need for continuing counselling and advice for those who were leaving care and adults who were care experienced. ‘Many of the issues that took them into care are not addressed and the care experience itself can be damaging emotionally and can be carried on long into adult life.’ Jenni explains; ‘Providing ongoing counselling and support targeted to the new issues and changing needs when they leave care will give them a better chance to succeed in the outside world. One major issue is that they frequently have no sense of belonging, of their place in the world and this might be helped by exploring and completing their own story and history.’

She presents the ‘Vintage Social Worker Blog’ and has gathered together some of the top folk musicians in the UK on the album.

www.kindershores.org. has all the details and how to buy the CD.

As always my thanks to   AlbaDigitalMedia   for their technical support with this Podcast.

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091  Post Covid19 social work.

085 Global Institute Social Work (GISW)

Professor Ngoh Tiong Tan

Chair, Global Institute for Social Work ( GISW ) International Advisory Board —– President, Connexions International. —– Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences.—– Treasurer, International Association of Schools of Social Work.

I’m very pleased to have been invited on to the International Advisory Board that Tiong Chairs and , in this interview, he lays out the vision and the opportunities for the GISW at its five year anniversary.

Following that I’ve included two UK radio interviews I did this week on cases of abuse in Wales and the closure of residential homes in Herefordshire.

As always my thanks to Alba Digital Media for their technical support.


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084  Chris Walters and various topics

084 Chris Walters and various topics

A magazine edition today!

1  )  Chris Walters ( pictured) , a terrific stain glass artist who gives back to the community, talks about his work and his committment.

If you’re anywhere near the SW of England go and see his work.  (Details below)

Chris has been creating glass art work for nearly 20 years.  He is a member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen and Contemporary Glass Society.  Over the years his glass has found it’s way to many countries and he’s taken part in numerous exhibitions and displays  His next exploit is the Chew Valley Arts Trail taking place on 13th and 14th October when visitors will be able to see Chris’s work at his home:


Alternatively take a look at his website (http://www.modaglass.co.uk) or contact Chris through email (chris@modaglass.co.uk).

Of particular interest is the commissioning process where Chris works with potential clients to create work which is particular and special to them.  This can range from making fused glass objects such as jewellery or ornaments for that special gift to stained glass panels for doors or windows as part of one’s home.

A major motivator for Chris is helping others and he has been involved in a number of local and national charities through donating his work and fund raising.  Particular causes where he has been involved are:

Children’s Hospice South West… . https://www.chsw.org.uk/

Send A Cow… https://sendacow.org/


2)  The next item is a personal one as I’ve been asked to join the International Advisory Board of the Global Institute for Social Work ( GISW)

3) The easy access of non prescription analgesics in supermarkets and convenience stores needs addressing and I outline what I’ve done so far as I believe it is an avoidable risk to children and young people.

Thanks as always to www.albadigitalmedia.com for technical support.


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083 Jim Hopkinson. Safeguarding Bradford.

083 Jim Hopkinson. Safeguarding Bradford.

Welcome again to the podcast. Today it’s safeguarding and the perspective of a senior manager in a large local authority.

Jim Hopkinson qualified as a Social Worker at University of Oxford in 1992. In addition to working as a children’s front line social worker both in the UK and abroad  he  has worked as a Probation Officer, managed alternative education provision, Head of Youth Offending Services, Head of Targeted Early Help and became Deputy Director of Bradford Children’s Social Care in 2016.

As we head towards Bradford’s annual safeguarding week,  25th to 29th June,   http://bradfordscb.org.uk   we talk of the numerous areas of responsibility that Social Care and other agencies have to consider now to keep children and vulnerable adults safe, both the established areas and the emerging ones.

In a wide ranging interview that includes subject such as child sexual exploitation and the radicalisation of young people, Jim outlines his take on now and the future in safeguarding.

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082 Ann Marie Christian- Education Safeguarding

082 Ann Marie Christian- Education Safeguarding

Safeguarding in education has always been a high priority as young peoplle sometimes spend more waking hours at school than at home. School staff of all disciplines, are part of the ‘front line’ when it comes to safeguarding.

Ann Marie is an Independent social worker. She qualified in 1996 as a social worker and worked in a generic children & families neighbourhood team. She took part in a pilot project in 1999 based in a school as a social worker for four years.  Ann Marie completed her ‘practice teaching’ qualification and went on to manage a team of school based social workers for a local authority. This role evolved and included being the ‘safeguarding advisor’ for schools and providing child protection training and consultancy to colleagues in education. She set up half termly ‘safeguarding network meetings’ for schools and invited colleagues from children social care, health and the voluntary sector. In this role she was the bridge between children social care and education colleagues. This role expanded and Ann Marie supported schools with the ‘Common Assessment Framework’ in 2004 and delivered the training and support. She worked as a LSCB trainer and sub member and supported children & families social workers in working with schools and was the LADO (local authority designated officer) in the education department and supported the Local Authority Head of education and schools with allegations against staff. She took part in strategy meetings focusing on the safeguarding of the child.

In 2010 she became independent and continued social work locum roles in early years, education and youth justice over five years.

Ann Marie was invited to write a chapter in a book ‘Becoming a social worker’, Vivienne. E Cree, 2003, Routledge and wrote about her school based social worker role. She continues to write and contributes regular articles to various journals. Ann Marie is  passionate about safeguarding and promoting the well being of children and speaks regularly at International and National conferences.

She delivers associate work for various organisations including NSPCC, COIS (Council of International Schools), ISI Consultancy (Independent School Inspectorate), Multi Academy Trusts, Church groups, Charities, sports organisations and performing arts.

Thanks as always to www.albadigitalmedia.com  for technical support.

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081 Robert Goodwill MP

081 Robert Goodwill MP

Robert Goodwill MP was appointed Minister of State at the Department for Education on 12 June 2017. He was elected Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby in 2005. He is Minister of State for Children and Families.

His responsibilities include:

  • child protection (including protection from child sexual exploitation and safeguarding), local authority children’s social care and family law
  • children in care, care leavers and adoption
  • childcare policy including delivery of the 30 hours free childcare offer, inspection and regulation
  • early years policy including inspection, regulation and literacy and numeracy
  • funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities (pupil premium and pupil premium plus)
  • funding and policy on free school meals
  • special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)
  • school sports and healthy pupils
  • cadets and military ethos in the education system
  • improving social mobility in the 12 opportunity areas

We talk of the changes and new legislation affecting safeguarding boards as well as social work accreditation and assessment issues. The new ‘Working Together’ multi agency guidence document is still being consulted on and provokes several questions. +++++

Robert was elected as a Member of the European Parliament in 1999, serving in Brussels and Strasbourg until the 2004 European election. He was Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs during his term. He was elected to the House of Commons at the 2005 general election for Scarborough and Whitby.

After spending 18 months as a member of the transport select committee, he was appointed as a government whip in 2006 and promoted to the post of Shadow Roads Minister in the transport team in 2007. He was re-elected at the 2010 general election and appointed to the government as a whip with responsibility for HM Treasury and Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs business.

Robert Goodwill served as Minister of State at the Department for Transport from December 2015 until July 2016. Robert was previously Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport

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080 Obituary.Those we have lost.

080 Obituary.Those we have lost.


Dr David Colvin and Bill McKitterick both have been lost to us this year. 

David Colvin

David was my friend and mentor. He helped me through many difficult situations with a deep rooted wisdom and a compassionate outlook on life. He was a major figure throughout the Scottish social and care system and was appointed chief social work adviser for Scotland in 1991. He was instrumental in the implementation of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 and was in the forefront of modernising the profession, becoming senior adviser of the Social Work Services Group and from 1993 the head of the British Association of Social Workers of Scotland.

His work extended throughout Scotland – notably in such high-profile projects as the Snowdrop Campaign on the ownership of handguns after the Dunblane shooting. He also brought his experience and understanding of community life to organisations such as NCH Action for Children and the Scottish Disability Foundation. He was also a pioneering chairman of SACRO, the community justice organisation, from 1997-2002, St Columba’s Hospice, from 1998 to 2003, and the Church of Scotland’s Crossroads scheme which helps the disabled at the Eric Liddell Centre in Edinburgh.

Dr Colvin was also influential in developing and establishing the Social Work Research Centre at the University of Stirling which reformed the quality of research throughout the profession. Appropriately, in 1998, he was awarded an honorary doctorate at the university.

From his youth Dr Colvin showed a keen interest in the arts and throughout his life had a considerable influence on many aspects of the arts in Scotland. In 1991, when he was awarded the CBE for his work in the social services the citation also mentioned his contribution to the arts. Dr Colvin was chairman of the Exhibiting Societies of Scottish Artists who exhibit the work of young artists from the principal art colleges and those of more established Scottish painters.

I knew David for over 25 years. He worked closely with six Secretary of States and brought much incisive and clear thinking to the services in Scotland. What David said was important and incorporated the very best of new thinking.  He was a great help to me when I started the social policy charity Action On Child Exploitation and, together, we lobbied government and institutions to change the law and combat sex tourism.

Uniquely, his daughter Iona Colvin has not only followed her father into social work but risen to a similar position to the one her father occupied as Chief Social Work Advisor to the Scottish Government. I’m delighted to say that she agreed to record an interview for this podcast.


Bill McKitterick

Another friend,Bill McKitterick,was also lost to us this year and his contribution to social work was significant and lasting as well. A man of great compassion and humanity, he never forgot his identity as a social worker. Strongly against privatisation and the erosion of professionalism, he wrote and spoke passionately in favour of his profession and the importance of continuing development and educational advances in social work. He was a committed member of the British Association of Social Workers, acting in various roles and as their Treasurer for many years. Bill was Director of Social Services for Bristol for ten years and , in my view, was responsible for giving the media one of the most significant opportunities to show the work of frontline practitioners. He allowed the BBC to make three one hour programmes following a team of social workers involved in child protection and the result was sensitive and well received.

Bill died far too early and his loss left a void . He will be remembered with affection and his writing will, I hope, continue to inspire future social workers.


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079 Safeguarding Boards. Prof Nick Frost

079 Safeguarding Boards. Prof Nick Frost

We talk of the future of Safeguarding Boards and what the new guidelines could mean following the Wood Review. These new arrangements will affect so many people and, now there is a defined consultation process,it’s important to consider the implications..

Nick Frost is Professor of Social Work (childhood, children and families), at the School of Health and Community, Leeds Beckett University. He took up this post in Feb., 2007.

Nick is a qualified and registered social worker, and practiced in local authority social work settings for 15 years before commencing his academic career.

Nick has published widely in the fields of child welfare and professional learning: most recently his publications include ‘Understanding Children’s Social Care’ (with Nigel Parton, Sage, 2009), ‘Rethinking Children and Families’ (Continuum, 2011) ‘Children and the Care Experience’ (with Julie Shaw, Routledge, 2013) and ‘Family Support’ (with Abbott and Race, Polity, 2015).

Nick’s primary research interests are in integrated professional working, family support and working with vulnerable children and young people. He has acted an advisor and referee for British government departments and the governments of the Republic of Ireland, Spain and Denmark.

He was appointed as Chair of North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board in 2012, and of Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board in 2017.

My thanks as always to AlbaDigitalMedia for their technical support.

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078 Media training & Beverley Williams

078 Media training & Beverley Williams

This programme is about the image of social work and social care. It describes an exiting new initiative in media training and has an interview with the founder of the Social Worker of the Year Awards.

Beverly Williams MBE

Beverley had worked in the social housing sector for 23 years when, the age of forty, she became a foster carer and first came in touch with social workers.

A mother of three, she qualified with a Diploma in Social Work in 2004. She works as an independent social worker and from 2006 she launched the Social Worker of the Year Awards in her spare time. Beverley continues to work  as an experienced qualified social worker and has practiced in various local authorities. 

She enjoys the diversity and challenges that she faces during her time spent at any local authority. She has no plans of giving up her full-time career, but is ecstatically happy and proud that the Social Work Awards has taken her dream and made it a reality. She gives special thanks to Sanctuary Social Care for their commitment and contribution since 2010. The awards have definitely put social work on the map and have given social workers the lift that they needed to make them feel valued for the challenging tasks that we take on every day. Beverley was awarded with an MBE for setting up the awards in the Queens New Year’s Honours List in 2014

 This year there are over 300 nominations in many different categories, illustrating the growth in recognition that these awards generate.

Contact us for more informaton on media training! 

My thanks , as always, to AlbaDigitalMedia for their technical support.




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077 Christina Gabbitas safeguarding author

077 Christina Gabbitas safeguarding author


An interview with Christina Gabbitas about her book for 5 to 8 year olds on keeping themselves safe and how she is committed to safeguarding children..

Christina is a children’s award winning author, poet and voiceover artist. Christina’s first publications, The Felicity Fly series of books teach childreabout the world around them with fun. Christina is passionate about encouraging children to read and write, winning a national Dame Beryl Bainbridge Award for encouraging children to writeand read. Christina spoke live nationally on Sky News about her project which gained support from the then Education Secretary. The initiative has encouraged over 17,000 children to ‘have a go’ at writing poetry. One of Christina’s most recent project www.sharesomesecrets.com is a safeguarding children’s book, recently endorsed by children’s charities NSPCC and Barnardo’s.  Esther Rantzen

I was impressed by her committment and energy. She has also put a considerable amount of her own funds into this project which , not being from the super wealthy, illustrates her passion for the subject.

We have also talked about putting a conference together looking at the range of practical teaching resources for children and young people to do with safeguarding. So, watch this space!

Her main website is www.poemsandpictures.co.uk

My thanks as always to Alba Digital Media for their technical help with this podcast.

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076 Bradford VCS Dave Benn

076 Bradford VCS Dave Benn


Dave is a Barnardo’s Children’s Service Manager in Bradford  and is Young Lives Bradford VCS representative on Bradford Safeguarding Children Board. The VCS has played a central role in the business of BSCB since the Board was launched in 2006 (and included as a signatory of the ‘Statement of Intent’). The VCS are well represented within the BSCB structure and it is important for the sector and for the welfare of children and young people across the district that the sector maintains  this coordinated presence .  Dave is presently chair of the VCS Safeguarding Group and has in the past chaired BSCB sub group and specific task and finish work streams.  Dave is committed to work with strategic partners to make Bradford a place where children and young people from all communities feel safe and develop skills and opportunities which will support them into adulthood.

The episode starts with an interview I gave on a new report about the impact on children who have been’missing’ and had their details all over social media.

Then the main interview with Dave Benn.  Lots more to come and the Spring has sprung!

Thanks as always to AlbaDigitalMedia for technical help with the podcast.

Please use speakpipe or other contact methods to let me know your views.


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080 Obituary.Those we have lost.

075 Interviews and Inquiries-Social Care & Sexual Abuse

This time I’m looking at a magazine format with two radio interviews and an introduction to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse chaired by Professor Alexis Jay on the day it commences its hearings.

The interviews are on the real problems of social care funding where the Government is allowing some ringfenced council tax increase to be introduced and, secondly, what are the issues in dealing with inappropriate staff behaviour that is not enough to prosecute but enough to worry.

Contact details for the Inquiry are :-    www.iicsa.org.uk    contact@iicsa.org.uk      tel  0800 917 1000

As always my thanks to AlbaDigitalMedia for technical support.

Please remember to give feedback, whether through Speakpipe or e-mail, Twitter  etc


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074 Bradford Interviews Supt Damien Miller

Damien Miller is a Superintendent within Bradford District who leads on Safeguarding Partnerships.  Within his portfolio he has responsibility for the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), Child & Adult Safeguarding, Domestic Violence, Safer Schools, Missing People, Mental Health and Families First.  He started in this role in September 2016, but is no stranger to Bradford, having worked in the District for the last five years.  He had responsibility in his previous role for Operational Policing as well as being Project Manager for the Operational Delivery Review Team, which saw the District meet its budget reductions following the Comprehensive Spending Review. As well as doing his day job, he is also an Advanced Public Order Commander and regularly spends his weekends commanding Bradford City’s matches.  With him entering his 20th year of policing in 2017, he is still committed to why he initially joined West Yorkshire Police and that is keeping people safe and delivering the best possible service to the communities of West Yorkshire.


Thanks as always to Alba Digital Media for technical support.

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073 Bradford interviews   Chair of Adult Safeguarding

073 Bradford interviews Chair of Adult Safeguarding

Jonathan Phillips is a qualified social worker. For many years he worked in social services in a number of frontline, training and management roles. He then moved to the voluntary sector as a Director with National Deaf Children’s Society. An interest in Deaf people comes from his daughter who is Deaf ( and now so is her partner and one of her children). He then worked for the social services inspectorate and moved to the Commission for Social Care Inspection when it was set up as a National Director. His final job before retirement was director of Adult Social Services at Calderdale. Since retiring 5 years ago he has chaired 2 safeguarding adults boards and provided other consultancy services. Jonathan is very interested in disability rights and is a strong believer in people’s rights to choose their own lifestyle and social  workers responsibility to support them when ever possible.


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072 Bradford interviews CDOP Shirley Briarly

072 Bradford interviews CDOP Shirley Briarly

This is the second podcast from the Bradford series.

Shirley is a Consultant in Public Health for the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Chairs the Child Death Overview Panel for the Safeguarding Board.

She was a hospital doctor and GP across West Yorkshire for 10 years & also worked in Mozambique for 3 years. She was a GP partner in Bradford district in the inner city for 5 years until 1997. She then re-trained in Public Health from 1999 onwards  and worked across Bradford and Calderdale in a range of roles. Shirley have been Consultant in Public Health in Bradford  district for the  last 8 years and have had a key strategic role in Maternal Child Health over many years. She have chaired the Child Death Overview Panel sub group of Bradford Safeguarding Childrens Board for several years.


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091  Post Covid19 social work.

071 Professor Tan Ngoh Tiong Global Inst of Social Work

Dr Tan Ngoh Tiong is Professor of Social Work and former Dean of School of Human Development and Social Services, SIM University Singapore. He is the Chair of the Global Institute of Social Work, was Co-chair of Commonwealth Organization for Social Workers (COSW), Past President of Singapore Association of Social Workers, past Regional President (Asia and Pacific) of International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW). Prof Tan is He led IFSW and COSW’s FAST (Families And Survivors of Tsunami) Project as an international social work response to the Asian tsunami disaster. He is currently President of ConneXions International and has been active in international social work and social development.

He has authored a number of books and scholarly articles including Asian Tsunami and Social Work Practice, Challenge of Social Care in Asia, Extending Frontiers: Social Issues and Social Work in Singapore, Human Rights Perspective, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Social Work Around the World Volumes I, II and III. He is a consultant editor and reviewer for Families in Society, Journal of Global Social Work Practice, China Journal of Social Work and Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development. Prof Tan received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota; MSW from University of Pennsylvania and BA from University of Singapore. He has been a Visiting Scholar to Cambridge University and Harvard University as well as UC-Berkeley, Oslo University and Sydney University.

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070 The Bradford LSCB Interviews 01

070 The Bradford LSCB Interviews 01

This is the first in a series of podcasts looking at the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board which I have the privilage to Chair.

Initially, in five interviews with key members of the Board, you will get to experience a flavour of the work of the Board and the people who serve on it.

The first is with Michael Jameson.  Michael is the Strategic Director of Children’s Services having responsibility for strategic leadership across education, employment and skills, social care, safeguarding children and youth offending. His stated aim is to work with partners to make Bradford a place where children and young people from all communities feel safe, enjoy living, and develop the skills and opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Bradford itself is a vibrant city in West Yorkshire of about half a million people with a very high number of children under 18.

It also has a rich cultural diversity with about 120 languages spoken.

Following podcasts will feature other Board members such as the Consultant in Public Health who also Chairs the Child Death Overview Panel, the Superintendent of Police responsible for safeguarding, the Chair of the Adult Safeguarding Board and the Headteacher who chairs our Education sub committee.

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069 Social Work Across the Atlantic

069 Social Work Across the Atlantic

Hello again. This programme features a short radio interview I gave on recruitment , retention and the reasons behind vacancy rates/agency staff numbers.

Then my guest is Deona Hooper, based in South Carolina and the founder of  Social Work Helper digital newsletter/magazine.. She describes it as a “woman owned mission driven progress website providing news, information, and resources related to social issues, social justice, social good and human rights issues”.

Deona is the Founder, Developer, and Editor-in-Chief of Social Work Helper. She has a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Management and Community Practice with a Certificate in Nonprofit Management- both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

https://www.socialworkhelper.com, or you can contact on Twitter: @swhelpercom

Also developing an App for the social work community in the USA. Check it out and give her feedback and have a think how it would work here in the UK.


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068 Churches Child Protection Advisory Service

068 Churches Child Protection Advisory Service

Justin Humphreys is the Executive Director of Safeguarding of CCPAS. This Charity , formed in 1977, has over 8000 subscribing organisations, churches and other bodies that look to it for training, consultancy , DBS checking and general support. It operates all through the UK and has strong links abroad.

Justin talks of the challenges facing faith based organisations in the current climate of attention on historic abuse and what CCPAS is able to do to make them safer.

The objective is to make vulnerable children and adults safer when involved with places of worship, organisations and individuals in the wider faith community.

Find out more about them ( main number 01322 517817) , through www.ccpas.co.uk ,  or a 24 hour helpline 0845 120 4550 (though out of hours for urgent calls only)

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067 James Rook CEO Sanctuary

067 James Rook CEO Sanctuary


I felt that it was important to look at the private sector and Sanctuary provides staff across health and social care. James is one of the most influential figures in this sector and the interdependence that exists with employers seems likely to continue indefinitely.

After 20 years of developing and resourcing work within adult and children’s social care, James , as the Chief Executive, has built up a unique understanding of the sector. Agency staff and interim appointments are part of the fabric of the social care landscape. When he set up Sanctuary he employed eight staff and it’s a positive statement of the company that, although it has grown to be the largest provider of social workers in the sector, the same eight staff are still there.

He has an enormous passion for the work, supporting a number of charities, in particular the Social Work Awards which are now an established part of the calendar.

Much of his time is spent with the leaders of social care within local authority, central government and the third sector.

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066  Ruth ALLEN Chief Executive BASW

066 Ruth ALLEN Chief Executive BASW

Dr Ruth Allen joined the British Association of Social Workers as Chief Executive on 11th April 2016.  She was previously Director of Social Work at South West London & St Georges’ Mental Health Trust and Chair of the Mental Health Faculty at the College of Social Work.  Previous to that she was a head of social care, social care manager and practitioner within local government and the NHS working with client groups of all ages.


We talk of the range of challenges facing social work in the months to come. The programme covers thoughts on domestic and international issues as well as messages for the tens of thousands of social workers in the four home nations.

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065 Dept for Education Review of LSCBs  Alan Wood

065 Dept for Education Review of LSCBs Alan Wood

Alan Wood has been asked by the Secretary of State, Nicky Morgan MP and the Minister, Edward Timpson MP to lead a fundamental review of the role and functions of Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LCSBs). This will include the child death review process and consideration of how the intended centralisation of serious case reviews (SCRs) will work effectively at local level.

Alan was a previous guest on the programme when President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services.

His CV includes:-

2014: appointed, secretary of state to review children’s services, Birmingham city council; 2013: commissioner, children’s services, Doncaster council (appt by secretary of state to review its children’s services); 2006-present: corporate director, children and young people’s services, London borough (LB)of Hackney; 2002-12: chief executive, The Learning Trust (a not-for-profit organisation delivering all education services in LB Hackney); 2000-2001: director of education, LB Lambeth; 1997-2000: deputy director/assistant director of education, LB Lambeth; 1990-1997: head of pupil support and special educational needs, LB Southwark; 1977-1990: history teacher.

President ADCS; 1982-90: Labour councillor, Camden council.

Recorded from his phone in the Dept for Education

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064 Review of Safeguarding Children Boards

064 Review of Safeguarding Children Boards


The Government announced just before Christmas a review of Local Safeguarding Children Boards so I invited David Jones , National Chair of the Association of Independent LSCB Chairs, to be my guest.

David is a registered social worker, qualifying in 1974.  He was appointed in 2010 as the Independent Chair of Leicester Safeguarding Children and Adults Boards. His varied career and substantial experience have focused on social work and social services in general, children’s services and child protection.  He helped launch the Association of Independent LSCB Chairs and is currently the National Chair.

David has worked internationally as Chair, Adviser and Consultant to several groups, policy committees, advisory boards and councils. He retired after 4 years as honorary President of the International Federation of Social Workers in 2010 and continues to play a leading role coordinating The Global Agenda for Social Work.

David has held several national roles in government departments and agencies, working with Parliament, Minsters and government officials, retiring from the post of Deputy Director (Children) and Professional Adviser in the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) in 2010.  He was awarded his doctorate in social work in 2009 for research into the evaluation and inspection of social work.


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063 Michael Hames.  Police pioneer against child abuse

063 Michael Hames. Police pioneer against child abuse

My guest is Michael Hames who I’ve known for 20 years and whom I worked with on several initiatives and investigations starting when he was at Scotland Yard.

He was born in Colchester, Essex and after education at the Colchester Royal Grammar School, joined the Metropolitan Police in 1962.  He served for 32 years  and held a variety of management positions at senior rank from 1970.  During much of this time, he specialised in the detection of sex offenders.

For the last 5 years of his service, he was the Detective Superintendent in charge of the Obscene Publications Branch at New Scotland Yard. During his time there, he re-focussed the work to encompass the proactive detection of paedophile offenders and it has subsequently been renamed the Paedophilia Unit of the Organised Crime Group.  He developed and refined, the use of the first National Index of convicted and suspected paedophiles until the formation of the National Criminal Intelligence Service in 1993, when the Index was transferred to the Home Office Unit.

He supervised the operational unit which achieved outstanding success and world wide acknowledgment of its pioneering work to combat paedophiles.

He was the U.K. Interpol representative  on the Standing Working Group on Offences Against Children.  He chaired the sub-committee on law Enforcement methods and was the leading police advocate of legislation to ban possession of child pornography throughout the member States, as well as extra-territorial legislation to deal with child abusers who travel and commit offences outside their jurisdiction.  He has regular contact with non governmental agencies such as E.C.P.A.T. (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of children for sexual purposes), The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, in the U.S., as well as law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

He was also  a member of the Sexual Offences Steering Committee at Scotland Yard.  He has carried out research into Organised and Ritual Abuse of Children and is an acknowledged authority on the subject of Child Sexual Abuse.  He has lectured widely at home and abroad and published articles in the press and professional journals.  He frequently appears on Television and Radio.

He is now an independent consultant, advising and training at the request of  Local Authorities, Charities and Private Companies on a variety of subjects including Child Protection, Staffing issues, Strategic Management and Selection of Staff.  His speciality remains the combating of Child Abuse in Organisations.

He holds a post graduate Diploma in Management Studies.  He holds the British Psychological Society’s Level ‘B’ Certificate in psychometric testing.

His autobiography, ‘The Dirty  Squad’ was published by Little Brown in April 2000.

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