118 Mike Hames, safeguarding expert.

118 Mike Hames, safeguarding expert.


The podcast is back. After a couple of  months or so break we head into the 7th year of reporting the world we live in.

We talk of the way safeguarding has changed and the challenges for the future. Mike is still working full time with a residential provider , coordinating all safeguarding work for the group.

My guest is Michael Hames, safeguarding expert, who I’ve known for 25 years and whom I worked with on several initiatives and investigations starting when he was at Scotland Yard.

He was born in Colchester, Essex and after education at the Colchester Royal Grammar School, joined the Metropolitan Police in 1962.  He served for 32 years  and held a variety of management positions at senior rank from 1970.  During much of this time, he specialised in the detection of sex offenders.

For the last 5 years of his service, he was the Detective Superintendent in charge of the Obscene Publications Branch at New Scotland Yard. During his time there, he re-focussed the work to encompass the proactive detection of paedophile offenders and it has subsequently been renamed the Paedophilia Unit of the Organised Crime Group.  He developed and refined, the use of the first National Index of convicted and suspected paedophiles until the formation of the National Criminal Intelligence Service in 1993, when the Index was transferred to the Home Office Unit.

He supervised the operational unit which achieved outstanding success and world wide acknowledgment of its pioneering work to combat paedophiles & enhanced his reputation as a safeguarding expert.

He was the U.K. Interpol representative  on the Standing Working Group on Offences Against Children.  He chaired the sub-committee on law Enforcement methods and was the leading police advocate of legislation to ban possession of child pornography throughout the member States, as well as extra-territorial legislation to deal with child abusers who travel and commit offences outside their jurisdiction.  He has regular contact with non governmental agencies such as E.C.P.A.T. (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of children for sexual purposes), The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, in the U.S., as well as law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

He was also  a member of the Sexual Offences Steering Committee at Scotland Yard.  He has carried out research into Organised and Ritual Abuse of Children and is an acknowledged authority on the subject of Child Sexual Abuse.  He has lectured widely at home and abroad and published articles in the press and professional journals.  He frequently appears on Television and Radio.

He is now an independent consultant, advising and training at the request of  Local Authorities, Charities and Private Companies on a variety of subjects including Child Protection, Staffing issues, Strategic Management and Selection of Staff.  His speciality remains the combating of Child Abuse in Organisations.

He holds a post graduate Diploma in Management Studies.  He holds the British Psychological Society’s Level ‘B’ Certificate in psychometric testing.

His autobiography, ‘The Dirty  Squad’ was published by Little Brown in April 2000.

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117 Brian Iselin slave free trade

117 Brian Iselin slave free trade

Brian Iselin  Slavefreetrade ….Brian is an Australian/Swedish counter-slavery campaigner. He is a former soldier (6 years) and Federal Agent (13 years) who, for the last almost 20 years has specialised in counter-slavery operations around the world. While posted aboard as a Federal Agent in China, he started seeing human trafficking cases, and switched priorities to counter-slavery work. He started slave free trade www.slavefreetrade.org  in 2018 to shake up a number of things about the way we tackle modern slavery.

Tens of millions of children, globally, are victims of slavery. We talk of the mammoth task to protect the vulnerable and try to afford some children the childhood they deserve. We talk of the need for much more coordinated action and coming together of all statutory and not for profit groups to maximise awareness, resources and legislation to this widespread abomination.

The Freedomer App

We are building the Freedomer App to be a community platform for like-minded consumers to get together and use their combined voice to demand better working conditions for the world’s most vulnerable. If you want your favourite things to be made without modern slavery, this is the way to voice it. As a Freedomer, you can use the App to petition your favourite brands for more transparency about manufacturing facilities ref slave free trade, mount campaigns, gather support for your campaign, even host chats with other people & experts and help usher in an end to modern slavery. You can build momentum with other Freedomers joining you within the app as well as through social media. Engage in dialogue with like-minded consumers and industry experts to keep track of how companies are performing on social sustainability metrics as they listen to their workers.

In order to create the App they are running a crowdfund. www.wemakeit.com….project….the power of your choice

With their volunteer developerss, we estimate 6-8 months of development. If we are able to accelerate that either by the crowdfund to buy full-time dev hours, or by more volunteer commitments, we want to see that time reduced dramatically and get it into people’s hands faster.

We have designed the App screens as of now and are currently optimising the App user flow.

Phase 2 of the Freedomer App will include the ability to scan objects to determine its Made In Freedom rating, creating a marketplace of slavefree products and services so you know you are making the right choice

You can contact Brian at brian.iselin@slavefreetrade.org 

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116 Lt Joseph E Laramie Ret

116 Lt Joseph E Laramie Ret

Lt. Joseph E. Laramie, ret.   Program Manager  National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College. Joe has been involved in combatting crimes against children for over three decades in senior law enforcement positions.

He is a Program Manager with the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) of Fox Valley Technical College working in the Missing and Exploited Children’s and the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Training and Technical Assistance Programs.  He retired from the Glendale, Missouri Police Department, with more than 30 years of child protection, investigation and training experience.  During his time with Glendale PD he was a child abuse investigator, created the Greater St. Louis ICAC Task Force, and became the founding Commander of the Missouri ICAC Task Force.  He later was an Administrator with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, with responsibility for online crimes against children, human trafficking and the computer forensic lab.  He served as a subject matter expert on the Missouri Governor’s Cyberbullying Task Force, the Missouri Task Force for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Child Sex Trafficking Training Project.  He is currently serving on the Tennessee DCS Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Committee, and the Board of Directors for the Davis House, a Child Advocacy Center in his home of Franklin, TN.

We talk of the evolution of safeguarding children, the attitudes and the misconceptions that existed and the myriad of challenges that face colleagues today.

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115 Human Traffiking. Follow the Money.

115 Human Traffiking. Follow the Money.

ATII stands for the Anti Human Traffiking Intelligence Initiative http://www.followmoneyfightslavery.org  a non profit organisation promoting corporate responsibility,awareness raising,intelligence integration,technical advancement and data collaboration.SAM GRABER is the chief Communications Officer of followmoneyfightslavery.org ATII

We talk of the importance of identifying supply chains in traffiking situations and how front line workers can learn from financial analysts. 

Dr. Samantha Graber comes from a holistic healthcare background and has solidified her niche within the ATII team. She comes to ATII with not only an uncanny skill for looking at complex problems holistically, she brings with her a wealth of personal experience navigating the human trafficking world through “boots on the ground” volunteering and tactical strategy. Samantha has completed the US Department of Justice’s Law Enforcement Investigative Response to Child Sex Trafficking course which gives her a unique perspective into law enforcement’s response to this egregious criminal network. This blend of experiences will keep ATII mission-centered and vision-driven in combatting all forms of human traffiking.

Dr. Samantha Graber was an active clinician for over 25 years during which she saw how preventable problems spiral out of control when the core issues are not identified and corrected. This is how ATII. she views the scourge of human trafficking. Samantha will work to unify the anti-human trafficking community through her work at ATII.

I plan to follow up this podcast with a second after March 11th onlineSummit https://followmoneyfightslavery.org/summit/  a packed day of information and education with panels of expert speakers. ( an audience of 1600 already booked )

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114 Children’s Hospice South West

114 Children’s Hospice South West

I talk with Laura Robertson from Children’s Hospice South West about how we offer end of life care to our young children and their families.

Laura joined Children’s Hospice South West back in June 2017 after many years of fundraising for both small and large charities. A career that that she did not anticipate when graduating from University of Plymouth with a Theatre degree over 10 years ago, but one that is filled with highs, lows, daily challenges and so much to be thankful for. “What I love so much about my job is getting to meet so many people from different walks of life and knowing that the work that I am doing is making a real difference to local people.

Social isolation is not new to families caring for children with life-limiting conditions. Many are used to long hospital stays far from home, long periods of illness preventing normal daily activities, being unable to attend school due to health needs, and sacrificing social interactions due to care needs.

But the Covid lockdown has brought many new and often terrifying challenges to these families, many of whom have seen care packages fall away and their wider support networks disappear in the wake of the global pandemic.

Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW), which looks after 500 families around the South West, has had to adapt its care model to continue providing the lifeline support the charity has offered since 1995.

Because of the significant risks and the vulnerability of children, routine respite stays at the three hospices – Charlton Farm in North Somerset, Little Bridge House in Devon, and Little Harbour in Cornwall – have been cancelled. But the hospices remain open for emergency and end-of-life care and the charity has developed a ‘hospice, home and virtual’ model to be able to continue caring for families wherever they are and whenever they need it most.

“We try to make the most of every single moment and make memories that we will treasure always”

We have supported children in their homes providing night shifts when care packages in the community have fallen apart, enabling families to step in and care for their children in the morning. We have also been providing care for community children’s nurses, cover over weekends and evenings. Our care teams have been visiting families on doorsteps giving food parcels and lots of virtual support, including a virtual sibling and bereavement groups.

CHSW needs around £11m a year to run its three children’s hospices and around 85 per cent is raised through voluntary donations.

Find out more at www.chsw.org.uk or contact Laura at laura.robertson@chsw.org.uk


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113  Christina Gabbitas Children’s Author

113 Christina Gabbitas Children’s Author

Christina Gabbitas http://www.christinagabbitas.com is an award-winning children’s author who has encouraged over 25,000 children nationally with an annual poetry initiative, giving her a Dame Beryl Bainbridge award in 2015 for her work and Sue Ryder Education Award in 2016. Founder and Trustee of Children’s Literature Festivals http://www.childrensliteraturefestivals.com  whose mission is to give children from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities an equal opportunity of having access to books to realise the power of reading not just educationally but socially and emotionally too.Christina received a Mayoral Award for Services to Children’s Literature and Child Protection, and was made an Honorary Member of the NSPCC Council for the work that she has undertaken in safeguarding children. Christina’s book Share Some Secrets was awarded a national book prize in 2019, and the publication is now encouraging children to speak out and being recognised globally. The animation resource and publication is being utilised in some PCC’s child exploitation toolkits.

A recent work was with the Police & Crime Commissioners Office in Humberside where she produced a story to help educate children on the dangers of being groomed into County Lines and being involved with knife crime. http://www.nomoreknifecrime.com  The partnership also included a writing initiative with children aged 10+

Her latest book–out on the 4th March ( World Book Day ) is http://www.monahlot.com  focusing on a seven year old girl who complains a lot until she is understood better and responds to kindness.

We also talk about the poetry competition for children she organised to help them express their feelings about Lockdown.  Called Lockdown Lives . I was very pleased to be one of the judges in what turned out to be an extremely successful project.

Testimonial from Ali Jeremy Director of Communications at NSPCC: “Christina deserves the highest level of recognition from the NSPCC for her dedication and unstinting enthusiasm. She is a wonderful lady who is passionate about safeguarding whilst conveying a love of reading which can open up so many new worlds for our children”

Robert Ruston – Victims and Vulnerable People Lead for PCC Lancashire

Share Some Secrets book and online animation is an excellent addition to our NEST Lancashire Toolkit. Providing suitable resources that younger children can use on their own as well as with teachers, carers and parents is an area of resources that we need to grow and develop and Christina’s resource is a very useful start.”

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112 Sir Peter Wanless  Chief Exec NSPCC

112 Sir Peter Wanless Chief Exec NSPCC

Peter Wanless has been the Chief Executive of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children since June 2013. The charity’s longstanding purpose is to prevent cruelty to children, something it seeks to achieve through a mixture of service delivery, research, influencing, advocacy and campaigning. Among the NSPCC’s http://nspcc.org.uk direct services are Childline, 0800 1111  a confidential helpline for any young person with nowhere else to turn, the NSPCC Helpline help@nspcc.org.uk for any adult with a worry or concern about a child, the Child protection in Sport Unit and a network of service centres across the UK focused particularly on abuse and neglect in the early years and child sexual abuse. The NSPCC has been particularly prominent of late in building the child protection case for online regulation of social media services.Peter was previously Chief Executive of what was then the Big Lottery Fund and a Director at the Department for Education between 1998 and 2008. He is on the Boards of Somerset County Cricket Club and the Government’s National Leadership Centre. He received a knighthood in the 2021 New Year’s Honours List for services to children and charity.

We talk of the priorities driving the NSPCC in these challenging times. Supporting young people first, keeping staff and volunteers safe and well and looking to maintain the donation base to continue vital work.

Peter outlines the strategic position of the charity and the constant focus on adapting to threats and challenges to young people. Their work in schools, their combatting of online risks and the increasing workload on their well established Childline service. Training and research are cornerstones of the charity and his job in overseeing all aspects include partnerships with all colleague services, both statutory and voluntary.

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No 111     31.8  Independent Christian Safeguarding Charity

No 111 31.8 Independent Christian Safeguarding Charity

Justin Humphreys is joint Chief Executive at the independent, Christian safeguarding charity, thirtyone:eight based in the UK    .https://thirtyoneeight.org/about-us/who-we-are/

He has had a career in youth and social work and social welfare spanning over 30 years. During this time, he has worked in statutory and third sector settings to senior/executive level.

31.8 offers a wide variety of services https://thirtyoneeight.org/our-services/ .

Justin currently chairs the Christian Forum for Safeguarding; a collaborative forum for the national safeguarding leads from many of the mainstream Christian denominations and networks across the UK. He is also the founder (alongside Sarah Champion MP) and principal advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Safeguarding in Faith Settings and through thirtyone:eight provides the secretariat. Justin is also a member of the expert advisory group on the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in the international aid and development sector at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (formerly Department for International Development).

He has undertaken numerous peer-reviewed, academic research projects focusing on different aspects of safeguarding in Christian contexts and is co-author of the SPCK publication ‘Escaping the maze of spiritual abuse: Creating healthy Christian cultures’. Justin holds a Master’s degree in Child Protection and Strategic Management (Edinburgh Napier), a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Management (Derby) and a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Social Work Studies (Central England).

The charity produces many publications https://thirtyoneeight.org/news-and-events/publications/

Justin lives in the South West of England and has been married for 28 years with three adult children.

We talk over a wide range of issues and matters that have consumned religious institutions over the decades and look at the image of churches and safeguarding as well as what’s being done to address the challenges.

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110 Monique Auffrey

110 Monique Auffrey

Monique is the Chief Executive Officer of Carya, a role she began in September of 2020. She is also the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Organization of Social Workers and ( along with myself ) an Advisory Board Member of the Global Institute of Social Workers.http://www.thegisw.org .

As a published author, Monique’s work influences policy on social work, housing and homelessness. Carya https://caryacalgary.ca/ is a social profit agency dedicated to creating strong families and communities for generations. Since 1910, carya has been providing support to individuals, families, youth, and seniors – helping thousands of Calgarians every year to realize their potential and build thriving relationships.Previously, Monique was CEO of Discovery House, a social profit organization providing care to women and their children fleeing domestic violence. During her time at Discovery House, the organization was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Charities, as well as one of Canada’s top three women’s shelters. Her creative leadership pushed Discovery House to think differently about their response to domestic violence, guiding the development of programs for children that help them recover from trauma and break the cycle of abuse.

Monique is also highly influential in the wider non-profit sector, sitting on the Alberta Family Violence Death Review Committee and participating in the National Housing Strategy Round Table in Ottawa.

Her most recent honour was to be awarded Advocate & Catalyst for Change by the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the Universal Women’s Network as a Women of Inspiration 2020 winner.

We talk of national and global challenges as she has wide experience of international affairs even starting her career working with asylum seekers in the Netherlands.

She is an inspirational person to listen to and is someone that I really enjoyed talking to.

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109 Safeguarding in Wisconsin

109 Safeguarding in Wisconsin

Safeguarding in Wisconsin with Matthew Joy and Dana Miller

Matthew Joy

Matt has been with the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation for over 20 years.  Matt has served as a special agent investigating drug and internet crimes against children (ICAC) crimes, a special agent in charge supervising white collar and ICAC crimes, and director working closely with the department’s human trafficking unit, ICAC Task Force, and Digital Forensics Unit.  Matt also serves as the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force commander, which includes membership from almost 300 public safety partners in Wisconsin.

In September 1998, the U.S. Department of Justice began a national Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force program to counter the emerging threat of offenders using the Internet or other online technology to sexually exploit children. Under this program, regional ICAC task forces serve as sources of prevention, education and investigative expertise to provide assistance to parents, teachers, law enforcement and other professionals working on child victimization issues. Wisconsin’s ICAC Task Force has been administered through the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation since its inception in the spring of 1999.The Wisconsin ICAC Task Force is a national leader in fighting Internet crimes against children. The task force is comprised of Wisconsin Department of Justice personnel as well as police and sheriff’s departments from around the state.

Dana Miller 

Dana  is an Advanced Program & Policy Analyst with the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation in the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  Dana holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin -Platteville, and has worked extensively in education and harm prevention surrounding technology throughout the state of Wisconsin. With WI DOJ, Dana manages the daily program operations for the ICAC Task Force, including overseeing Wisconsin’s CyberTips from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and communicating statewide with law enforcement regarding CyberTips, ICAC investigations, resources, outreach, and training events. Dana is creator and co-creator of multiple safety programs for Wisconsin Department of Justice, including their online safety interact! e-course and the Protect Kids Online (PKO) podcast.  Dana also teaches for the National Criminal Justice Training Center and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, providing training worldwide to law enforcement and community members.

This is a joint podcastProtect kids online logo with  PKO Protect Kids Online   https://dpi.wi.gov/internet-safety/stay-informed-dojs-pko-podcast  

We explore the global challenges of online cyber crime against children and vulnerable adults.Law enforcement, social care, mental health and victim identification are just some of the areas of great concern. Engaging with young people and finding relevant ways of communicating in a digital age as well as the responsibilities that come with large social media platforms.

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108  Mental Health First Aid.  Paula Power

108 Mental Health First Aid. Paula Power

This programme highlights a much needed service in mental health awareness raising. It’s like a training programme for ‘social lifeguards’—training people to identify, support and refer on,  if needed , those struggling with all types of mental health related issues. Paula’s own life experience contributed hugely to her awareness of the value of wellbeing and mental health in overcoming challenges. In the current climate , this is probably one of the most valuable services around as people are suffering such a range of traumas and anxieties due to the impact of Covid19,

Paula is the business owner of My White Dog and facilitator for the 1 and 2-day adult and Youth courses. She is a MHFA Instructor, NLP Practitioner, Mountain Leader, with Business Studies, Positive Psychology and qualifications in Further Education and Social Science at the Open University.  She started out in a corporate environment, but always enjoyed adventure and outdoor space, climbing, mountaineering and sailing. When she realised the positive impact of her own wellbeing in this space, She went onto develop skills in education and mountaineering and led groups in the outdoors including expeditions to Africa and Asia. A rewarding role watching students age 13-18 develop latent and new skills when stretched, build resilience, team and leadership skills.  She went onto explore other personal challenges when selected to take part in the first all women expedition to the geographic North Pole in 1997. 20 women relaying in teams of 4 across the arctic over 3 months and went onto become Guinness book record holders.  She works in partnership with Wiltshire MIND and collaborate with various therapists and charity organisations and am an instructor member of Mental Health First Aid England to raise mental health awareness, reduce stigma and provide the tools to improve wellbeing in work, schools and communities.

Courses are currently delivered on-line so there is no limitation to location. She provides an engaged and safe learning space for all who are open to change. Feel free to get in touch paula@mywhitedog.com

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107 Social Work Today— a new platform.

107 Social Work Today— a new platform.

Social Work Today    A new platform

My guest today is Kellie Doubtfire , someone I’ve known and worked with over many years. She has, with COMPASS, produced and developed some of the most useful and memorable events in the social work sector, mixing huge attendance with great content.

Social Work Today, www.socialworktoday.co.uk, is a new platform, designed to give social work professionals an online community with access to essential social work information, news, online events, CPD and jobs.  Social Work Today comes with a strong pedigree. For over 25 years, Kellie, SWT’s Publisher, along with the COMPASS events and publications team, has worked closely with health, social work and care professionals offering much-respected consultancy, engagement, marketing, training and career development projects within the sector. It also will provide a daily newsletter, keeping you up to date, well informed and aware of upcoming events.

Kellie’s career in social work, social care and healthcare began over 25 years ago, on finishing her degree at Lancaster University, she her first post was in Education & Welfare for the LUSU. She went on to lead the commercial relaunch of the weekly Nursing Standard magazine in 1996 and to develop and launch the first Nursing Standard Jobs Fair for the Royal College of Nursing. She balanced the commercial development of the RCN’s five monthly titles, including Elderly Care and Mental Health Practice. Alongside this, for 12 years Kellie was also the publishing consultant on BASW’s Professional Social Work magazine as well as other BASW publishing and membership projects.

Kellie’s understanding of the sector, combined with project management and marketing skills, came to the fore as Publishing and Events Director for COMPASS, inspiring the development of the annual COMPASS, the complete guide to social work and social care, launched in 1999; and the development of the successful COMPASS Jobs Fairs programme with regular events in London, Birmingham and Manchester (The Social Work Show). In 2015, Kellie was closely involved in producing the International Federation of Social Workers European Conference. The Edinburgh event was the biggest gathering of social workers in Europe, with delegates from over 40 countries. Kellie’s resulting close relationships and consultations with key people in the social work sector – from service users to those who work in Adult and Children’s services, charitable organisations, service providers to sector academics – have given her the insight and confidence to develop Social Work Today with the COMPASS team in 2020.

Kellie brings a personal touch to her work with her years of experience juggling a full-time career whilst caring for her parents.

Contact: kelliedoubtfire@socialworktoday.co.uk

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106 Grantown Remakery. A classic small charity.

106 Grantown Remakery. A classic small charity.


I talk to George Livingstone who acts as the development manager for this important charity. It’s one of dozens around the UK that are striving to help balance inequality and create opportunity for those disadvantaged through no fault of their own.Also learning to survive during the pandemic.

So often we overlook the value and importance of small community charities, all making a difference and improving people’s quality of life in so many different ways.

Grantown Remakery http://www.grantonremakery.org.uk  provides Employment Skills Development, volunteering opportunities and support for Young People who may be having difficulty in Transition from School to Further Education and Employment, Adults with a Disability or with Mental Ill-Health, supporting all in their journey to recovery and towards fulfilment of their personal goals.
It aims to provide an alternative to landfill disposal by repairing, upgrading, recycling and reselling of goods through a Community based system.
They have developed strong business relationships with both Partners and the Local Community to identify the best service for individuals in need of support and skills development within strong environmental awareness and action.

It is a community social work scheme whose value to the area is significant.

Contact them on Facebook or at their website or email info@grantownremakery.org.uk

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105 David Hencke  the search for pension justice.

105 David Hencke the search for pension justice.

This is about women born in the 1950’s who strongly claim to have been cheated out of their pensions entitlement.

#BackTo60   http://www.backto60.com  supports of 50’s women who demand the return of their earned dues which are being kept from them as opposed to men of the same age. The search for justice has taken considerable time and effort and is still being opposed by the courts and the administration. Visit the website and sign the petition to eradicate this history of pensions inequality.

David Hencke http://www.davidhencke.com has a career spanning 40 years in journalism – mainly as an investigative journalist at the Guardian based in Westminster. He has won nine regional and national awards for his reporting.

He has covered social services, Whitehall and investigated corrupt practices in Parliament including the “cash for questions” scandal which led to the resignation of Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith in the 1990s. He also exposed the hidden payment of a large loan to Peter Mandelson, from another minister to buy an expensive house in Notting Hill, London which led to his first resignation.

More recently on the now closed Exaro investigative website he won an award for exposing tax avoidance by the former head of the Students Loan Company and covered recent child sex abuse scandals. Now investigating the influence of Dominic Cummings, the PM’s adviser, in Whitehall.

David has campaigned constantly for natural justice to be done in the 1950’s pensions case. Read his blog on his website ‘Westminster Confidential’

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104     Suicide prevention.  Jeff Patterson at Gaggle

104 Suicide prevention. Jeff Patterson at Gaggle

Suicide, self harm and depression haunt young people across the world, taking thousands of lives all over the globe. Combined with the threats from drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, in all forms, and child pornography the risk to students are manifest. Based in Los Angeles, Jeff has developed a company that now offers protection and support to over 4.5 million school and college students.

He has been starting businesses since he was five. Some were failures while others were marginal survivors, and those prior businesses set the groundwork for the success of Gaggle.    http://www.gaggle.net

Seeking a solution to manage student safety issues, Jeff founded Gaggle as a secure student email provider in 1999. As trends in risky student behavior like suicide, self-harm, violence toward others, cyberbullying, and child pornography grew, he expanded Gaggle’s offering to include products that help schools create safe learning environments. Unable to find investors when he first launched the company, Jeff has enjoyed not having a boss for the past two decades and uses this freedom to express his creativity and sense of fun—all while helping save kids.

Developments we talk about include a confidential concern line and a cyber tip line as well as a 24 hour monitoring service. Most recently, a service offering qualified telephone councelling is being introduced.


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103  Bradford Children’s Partnership Board–Chair Jane Booth

103 Bradford Children’s Partnership Board–Chair Jane Booth

The new Bradford Partnership Board replaces the  Safeguarding Children Board. It is made up of agencies including the Council, Police, Health services in addition to schools and voluntary services that work together to keep children in the district safe.

We talk about multi agency cooperation, major changes to the Boards with the challenges of Covid19 impacting on the community, schools and learning, child protection and so much more.

Jane Booth started her career in social work as an unqualified Probation Officer in 1971 in the West Riding of Yorkshire.  She was seconded by the Home Office between 1973 and 1975 to obtain her social work qualification at Leeds University.  She continued to work in the Probation Service until 1978 when she moved into generic social work with Bradford Council.  While raising young children she did several years on the night duty team, retuning to fulltime work when the first Guardian ad Litem Panels were established in 1984 as, initially, a Children’s Guardian and later as Panel manager.

Moving to London, she worked as a Child Protection Coordinator in Hackney returning to the North at the end of the 1980s.   Since then she has operated in a number of management roles sometimes generic but predominantly focussed on children.  She was Assistant Director of Children’s Services in Kirklees She joined the Social Services Inspectorate in 1997 and was Interim Regional Manager across the 22 LAs in the North West when she left to join CAFCASS as Director for the North.  Through internal promotions she had become Deputy Chief Executive when she retired from full time employment in 2010 and developed her work as a self-employed consultant.  For the last ten years she has been working as Independent Chair of a number of Safeguarding Boards, both Adult and Children, across the North of England and carrying out some service reviews and some Serious Case./Safeguarding Adult Reviews.

She currently acts as Independent Chair and Scrutineer of the Bradford Partnership Board  https://www.bradford.gov.uk/– Working Together to Safeguard Children.

Thanks to http://albadigitalmedia.com for technical support to this podcast.

Please keep feeding back via Voicemail on this page.  Thank you.

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102  International social work… Dr David Jones

102 International social work… Dr David Jones

 David Jones talks from an extensive history of involvement in international social work policy and practice.

Promoting themes such as socio economic health , dignity and work , environmental change, strength of human relationships and protection of the millions of vulnerable people across continents, challenge the basic fundemental commitment of social work policy and practice.

We talk of conflict resolution, social development, the impact now and in the future of the pandemic and diversity in the workforce.

David  is a Registered Social Worker with extensive national and local government, NGO sector and private sector experience.  He was President of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) 2006-10.  In July 2020 he completes his term as the Global Coordinator of The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development[1] editing global overview reports in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020[2].  He is the COSW Representative to the Commonwealth Institutions.  His doctorate in social work from Warwick University was researching the impact of quality inspection on social services.

David qualified in 1974 and was a local authority social worker.  He was appointed General Secretary, British Association of Social Workers (1985-1994) and then Director of Operations, Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (1994-1999).  He worked for the Audit Commission (1999-2003), Department for Education and Skills (2003-6) and the Department of Health (2006), finishing as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of children’s services with OFSTED.  David retired from the Civil Service in 2010. He is on the International Advisory Board of the Global Institute of Social Work http://thegisw.org

David is a Trustee of Children and Families Across Borders (ISS-UK).  He was appointed Chair of Healthwatch Northamptonshire in 2018, ensuring the voice of people who use health and social care services are heard.  He is a Director of People Need People Consulting, working as a consultant, author, researcher and speaker at professional events.  David was a volunteer teacher in Kenya in 1969 and initiated a young carer project in East Africa in 2002 with four Young Carers’ Fora in Nairobi in 2012, 2014 and 2017, 2019 and continued support for after school clubs for young carers north of Nairobi.

David has published and spoken extensively on social work practice, social service management and children’s services in the UK and overseas.

[1] Jones, D. N. and R. Truell (2012). “The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: A place to link together and be effective in a globalized world.” International Social Work 55 (4): 454-472.

[2]     Jones, D. N. (2020) “The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development.  Fourth report: strengthening the importance of human relationships” Rhinefelden, Switzerland, IFSW https://www.ifsw.org/product/books/global-agenda-for-social-work-and-social-development-4th-report/


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101       Thank you and thoughts on the media

101 Thank you and thoughts on the media

100,100 Downloads and 100 programmes and that with an 18 month gap in between! This one on the media!

I needed to say thank you to all the guests and listeners who made the podcast thrive. It’s been fantastic and I look forward to it continuing.

So many fine people with insight and experience.

I have submitted some videos to the http://thegisw.org website on social work and the media. Please have a look. You may have to enrol ( free ) but there are some great talks and courses. Look under ‘featured courses’.

Thought I’d give a taster here for this anniversary programme.

All my working life I’ve watched my profession defend itself in the court of media opinion. When you’re starting out there is some strength gained from an excess of idealism and enthusiasm. There were more times when you felt able to dream that your work alone would demonstrate the truth. In helping the vulnerable in our communities we would illustrate inequality and public opinion would slowly change.

Previously, during the years I was closely involved with the professional association, I saw the different levels of respect and engagement in the media with social work in other industrialised countries. I could never fully understand the reasons why this wasn’t the case in the UK. Was it that we were still in the death throes of having an empire and ruling half the world and so acknowledging mass poverty and deprivation at home was unthinkable? Could it be some residual Victorian construct, sweeping the troubled and vulnerable under the carpet and including those who support them, with vague murmuring about charities being better placed to do the work?

Thanks to all for staying with the podcast. Look out for many wonderful guests to come.

Give your comments on Speakpipe at the side of this message.

Thanks as always to https://albadigitalmedia.com for technical support.


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100      Chair of British Association of Social Workers   Gerry Nosowska

100 Chair of British Association of Social Workers Gerry Nosowska

In the 50th year of the British Association of Social Workers ( BASW ) it is fitting that my 100th podcast is with the National Chair, Gerry Nosowska. The Heritage Year sees challenges both national and international but finds the Association in a strong position, representing more than 20,000 social workers and growing. With further pleasant coincidence, I was the National Chair at the 25th anniversary and remember well the good , the difficult and the warmth of having a supportive professional association.

Gerry is a registered social worker and Chair of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) http://www.basw.org.uk, re-elected for a second term. The professional association for social work and social workers in the UK provides support to social workers, leads on the development of the profession in the UK, and advocates for social justice.

She is the founder and Director of Effective Practice http://www.effective-practice.com, which supports organisations to improve social care, working with practitioners, managers and leaders to develop practice so that they can serve adults, families and children better. Gerry is also co-presenter of the http://www.thehelpfulsocialwork.com podcast.

Before working in practice improvement, she was a service manager in a large local authority, a team manager, and a social worker in community and integrated teams in England.

  • We talk of BASW’s Vision and Mission 2025 ( being put to the AGM on 15th September) –visit the BASW site to book a place!-
  • Covid19 and the future priorities for social work as well as the disappointment of support to some of the most vulnerable during the pandemic
  • The significance of 50 years to the profession and those we serve.
  • the well being of social workers, advice services provided by BASW.
  • The digital world and its impact now and in the future for practice.
  • ……………and so much more ……………

My thanks as always to http://albadigitalmedia.com for technical support

Leave a voicemail–just click on the icon on this page and leave feedback.

Finally, my thanks to all the listeners over the years as the socialworldpodcast nears 100,000 downloads.

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099 Christopher Lamb  a life in diplomacy Pt 2

099 Christopher Lamb a life in diplomacy Pt 2

Part 2 of this fascinating interview on the power of diplomacy from when Christopher moved to the IFRC. The range of issues and the depth of need in the world is staggering. The constant demand on a macro and micro level to resolve conflict is well known but this gives an insight to the responsibilities and skills of those working to that end.

From 2000, just before I first met him,  he worked as chief diplomat with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Geneva (2000-2010). In Geneva he helped develop IFRC’s policy on Humanitarian Diplomacy.  This policy describes the role of humanitarian diplomats as persuading decision-makers and opinion leaders to act, at all times, in the interests of vulnerable people, and with full respect for fundamental humanitarian principles.  A significant proportion of his time involved work on the drafting and adoption of a Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions on humanitarian law and its subsequent implementation in Israel and Palestine. His work  helped build a new set of relationships between IFRC and governments, inter-governmental organisations, NGOs and many other groups working on common humanitarian questions.

He is now an adviser to IFRC and to the Australian Red Cross as well as several other National Societies, concentrating on the resolution of political questions and the skills required for humanitarian diplomacy.  He is also an associate professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and is the President of the Australia Myanmar Institute.

Thanks to http://albadigitalmedia.com for technical support to the podcast.

Please give feedback via voicemail –one click—ideas welcome.

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099 Christopher Lamb  a life in diplomacy Pt 2

098 Christopher Lamb, a life in diplomacy PT 1

This is a great opportunity to listen in to the world of international diplomacy.Christopher served his country for 30 years , having worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 1968-2000.  In that time he served in a variety of embassies, at the Australian Permanent Mission to the UN in New York, as the Department’s Legal Adviser and as Ambassador to Myanmar (Burma) from 1986-89 and to Yugoslavia, Romania and Macedonia from 1997-2000. Following that he began a distinguished decade in Geneva with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

From an unplanned entry to the Australian diplomatic service, through major postings around the world, Christopher always had a sense of duty to put people first. Having to use lateral and imaginative ways to persuade decision makers and opinion makers to respond to the needs of vulnerable people in so many different and critical settings. In its way, parallel to social work, as it involves the constant resolution of conflict to protect the vulnerable.

From 2000, just before I first met him,  he worked as chief diplomat with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Geneva (2000-2010). In Geneva he helped develop IFRC’s policy on Humanitarian Diplomacy.  This policy describes the role of humanitarian diplomats as persuading decision-makers and opinion leaders to act, at all times, in the interests of vulnerable people, and with full respect for fundamental humanitarian principles.  A significant proportion of his time involved work on the drafting and adoption of a Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions on humanitarian law and its subsequent implementation in Israel and Palestine. His work  helped build a new set of relationships between IFRC and governments, inter-governmental organisations, NGOs and many other groups working on common humanitarian questions.

He is now an adviser to IFRC and to the Australian Red Cross as well as several other National Societies, concentrating on the resolution of political questions and the skills required for humanitarian diplomacy.  He is also an associate professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and is the President of the Australia Myanmar Institute.

He is a graduate of the Australian National University, with degrees in Law and Arts (Political Science), and lives in Melbourne.

Part 2 covering 2000 onwards will be published on 17th August.

My thanks, as always to http://albadigitalmedia.com for technical support to this podcast

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097 Jim Gamble Safeguarding      Part 2

097 Jim Gamble Safeguarding Part 2

In which Jim becomes the CEO of the INEQE Safeguarding Group. http://www.ineqe.com 

Initially, like many ex law enforcement officers he focussed on consultancy work but soon realised that they needed to expand to realise the many ideas that they had so created a business and a hub in Belfast–INEQE.

The underlying content was technical solutions to safeguarding problems and the first App was to challenge child traffiking at the 2012 London Olympics.

From there more flowed, including a successful partnership with a major insurance company and many digital initiatives were created.

National conferences were held to aid work with sex offenders.

He has undertaken a number of high profile safeguarding reviews, including the scoping review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust and most recently the review of Oxfam GB.

All the work raised awareness and improvements in making children safer. The company has developed several Apps —for safeguarding, home learning, teaching and the very successful Safer Schools App.

He is also the Independent Child Safeguarding for the City of London and Hackney Safeguarding Children Partnership the first to be judged outstanding by Ofsted and the Independent Chair  of Bromley (BSCP) where he was part of the leadership team that drove their judgement from ‘inadequate’ to ‘good’, with outstanding leadership in two years.

During the current pandemic Ineqe has made resources available free to schools and organisations to help safeguard children at this very testing time.

We talk about the national picture and get Jim’s critique of the safeguarding landscape

We discuss the value of multi agency work and Jim outlines the critical and under appreciated role of social work.

So much still to be done including further work to aid in the finding of missing children and suicide prevention.

I hope he writes the book he talks about doing as there is so much more to his story.

My thanks as always to http://albadigitalmedia.com for technical support of this podcast.

Please remember to try Voicemail ( on this page ) to give feedback and ideasThank you.


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097 Jim Gamble Safeguarding      Part 2

096 Jim Gamble Safeguarding Part 1

Jim Gamble is one of the UK’s leading voices on the safeguarding of children. I’ve known Jim for many years and he has always worked passionately to improve the safety of children. This is a great listen and an honest account of times in law enforcement during the troubles in Northen Ireland and the days where he had progressively senior positions in counter terrorism. Then the days when he began to realise the huge work needed in safeguarding children. He is widely recognised as a global authority on safeguarding children and was the founding chair of the Virtual Global Taskforce; a former national policing lead for child protection and the architect and CEO of the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.

Part one  covers the above as well as the early difficulties of policing online abuse and the politics involved in making progress. We talk of passion for safeguarding and the creative way he pushed forward the online challenges for law enforcement. He also reflects on the political backdrop to his leaving CEOP when he was convinced that there was a better way forward and when he was not listened to. ( Matters that have vindicated him in retrospect )

We could argue that if he hadn’t been forced to resign from CEOP he wouldn’t have created the successful company with all its achievements, that he has.–and which we discuss in the next podcast.

Part two will cover Jim becoming the CEO of the INEQE Safeguarding Group. http://www.ineqe.com 

He is also the Independent Child Safeguarding for the City of London and Hackney Safeguarding Children Partnership the first to be judged outstanding by Ofsted and the Independent Chair  of Bromley (BSCP) where he was part of the leadership team that drove their judgement from ‘inadequate’ to ‘good’, with outstanding leadership in two years.

He has undertaken a number of high profile safeguarding reviews, including the scoping review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust and most recently the review of Oxfam GB.

The company has developed several Apps —for safeguarding, home learning, teaching and the very successful Safer Schools App.

So much still to be done including further work to aid in the finding of missing children.

Both Jim and I have encountered such a lot of initiatives and experiences over the years, I could have talked to him for much longer. However , in this two part podcast, we focus on past, present and future work.

Part two coming soon ( Monday 3rd August ).

My thanks , as always, to http://albadigitalmedia.com    for technical assistance in making this podcast.

Please remember to try voice recognition ( on this page ) to give feedback and ideasThank you.

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095  Sight Loss and beyond.

095 Sight Loss and beyond.

This time, I’m pleased to feature Tiggi Trethowan who now has developed almost total sight loss. Her story and thoughts on the traumatic impact is inspirational and she is a welcome addition to the podcasting community.

There are 350,000 people in the UK with significant visual impairment and much could be improved in how we support them and offer emotional as well as practical support.

Tiggi has had an eclectic career in Television and Film Production.  Her credits have included 10 years as the Event Manager for BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.  As a complete contrast she worked with Bear Grylls on the Discovery channel “Man vers Wild” series taking her to some of the remotest jungles and highest mountains in the world.  Often referred to as “Intrepid” by her fellow work colleagues it seemed nothing could stop her enthusiasm for everything challenging.  Then it all changed;

Ten years ago, Tiggi was diagnosed with a rare eye condition.  In 2017 she had to pull away from Television because her perception was “jump before you are pushed” All her work was on a contract basis so she was easily disposable.  She has always wondered about big organisations and their approach to disability.   Living and working with disappearing sight often felt stressful, lonely and unsupported. With a remain but ever diminishing ten percent sight Tiggi has changed direction.  A guide dog called Jackie has entered her life breathing confidence and more mobility to her life.  She has produced a successful Podcast series called Draycott Diaries  https://www.draycottdiaries.com/.  Recording over 20 life stories with members of her community in a gorgeous Somerset village.  She is also an Ambassador for the Guide Dogs charity and begun a new venture recording life stories with other friends challenged with sight loss.

Going forward Tiggi would like to high light the need for easy, accessible and emergency emotional support for those processing their sight loss diagnosis.  And having felt unsupported by some larger organisations in the past, how we change their perceptions and fears of working with blind and visually impaired people.

My thanks, as always , to https://www.albadigitalmedia.com for technical support in the production of this podcast.

Look to SPEAKPIPE on the front page to, with one click, give quick feedback and ideas to the programme.

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094 Black Lives Matter.  Wayne Reid. BASW

094 Black Lives Matter. Wayne Reid. BASW

Black Lives Matter has reached huge audiences over the last month or two but how can it be turned into action?

Wayne Reid is a professional officer with the British Association of Social Workers and is my guest. He talks of the BLM impact personally and professionally in social work. He found himself writing and speaking widely and draws attention to his thoughts and the association’s thinking as well. His article in Community Care Magazine sets out the thinking.

Wayne qualified as a social worker in 2010, but the entirety of his social care experience spans nearly 20 years.  He has worked in: private fostering; the Probation Service; youth offending; adult mental health; child protection and with care leavers.

As a black male social worker, Wayne understands some of the challenges that service-users and practitioners from different ethnic minority groups can face.  From his experience, Wayne believes academic and ‘life education’ are essential to improve an individual’s quality of life and life chances.

His article in Community Care Magazine sets out the thinking.  A second follow up article is imminent.

Wayne would welcome contact at wayne.reid@basw.co.uk

He recommends articles and policy documents and would be delighted to share his collection as well as the Association’s policy and practice guidelines. One example is this response to the Windrush report.

http://• https://www.basw.co.uk/media/news/2020/mar/basw-statement-windrush-review

This is a subject I’ll be returning to without doubt as we watch how the world responds.

My thanks, as always, to albadigitalmedia.com for technical support.

Please use Speakpipe ( on this page ) to give feedback and leave ideas for future programmes.







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093 Safeguarding International Schools

093 Safeguarding International Schools

A new and much needed initiative. SafeguardingInternational Schools. http://www.ChildSafeguarding.com is launching.

This recognises the need to offer child protection training to all staff at international schools, whatever their role and in their own language. The CEO is Matt Harris and he is todays guest on the programme.

For years he has wanted to develop this resource and, at last, it’s come to fruition, offering safeguarding to schools.

His background experience and expertise lie at the nexus of technology, schools, and the global education landscape. Currently, Dr. Harris works as an international educational consultant and as Co-Founder and CEO of ChildSafeguarding.com. In his consulting work, Dr. Harris has helped schools, districts, and educational technology companies with educational technology strategic planning, market penetration, growth, systems design, training, and program development. He has worked with organizations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Australia, and Asia.  His eLearning company, ChildSafeguarding.com, is bringing child abuse prevention education to all learners regardless of literacy level, geography, or language. The target audience are people who don’t normally participate in CP training: cleaners, canteen workers, security guards, gardeners, etc. Releasing in June 2020, the course has garnered interest from schools and governmental organizations in 30+ countries. Previously, Dr. Harris worked as an educational leader and teacher in schools and universities in North America and Asia. He served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Dr. Harris is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, Google Certified Innovator, and Common Sense Education Ambassador.

Matt is committed, once ChildSafeguarding is fully up and running, to putting some profit back into funding

initiatives as they emerge from the work of the company.

There are still spaces at the free webinars on 30th June when Matt and colleague Angelica Nierras will outline both  the background and vision of ChildSafeguarding and answer questions.

Webinar 1: 30 June 2020 – 10am Singapore-Beijing / 12pm Sydney / 7 pm Los Angeles
Register here: https://edtch.co/2zFvXcW

Webinar 2: 30 June 2020 – 6pm Singapore / 2pm Dubai / 11am London
Register here: https://edtch.co/2AF4yZ2

Please give ideas and feedback via Speakpipe.

My thanks, as always to http://albadigitalmedia.com for their help in the technical production of this podcast.

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092 international social work recruitment

092 international social work recruitment


I talk to Lee Emmett  Managing Director of Sanctuary International about recruitment of staff from overseas and

the importance of ethical behaviour in doing so.

Lee heads up Sanctuary’s International division, with a focus on client relationships and developing recruitment solutions for the NHS. It’s been a sharp learning curve and the most rewarding period of his career to date. Lee enjoys having the freedom to grow and to work for a company where its values align with his own. He believes Sanctuary stands out because of its integrity and expects the company to be a clear market leader in the mid-long term due to its technology-led solutions.

During his ten years at Sanctuary Lee has managed and set up several divisions. He’s particularly proud to see that the individuals he’s recruited and supported have developed into high performers. He enjoys working in a team of likeminded and driven colleagues and has made some amazing friends along the way.

The number of agency social workers in English children’s services grew by 10% last year government statistics have revealed. In the 12 months to 30 September 2019, the number of locums employed by local authorities increased from 5,530 to 6,090, figures published by the Department for Education showed.

With 106 thousand social workers in the UK and hundreds of thousands of staff in the health care sector, the dependence on overseas recruitment is going to be key for the forseeable future. Getting the process and the introduction right is vital for the delivery of the service our communities deserve.


On the next podcast I continue the international theme by speaking to Matt Harris CEO of ChildSafeguarding, a new and exiting initiative aimed at providing safeguarding training and support to all staff in international schools and which launches on 30.06.20.

My thanks as always to albadigitalmedia.com who provided technical support on this podcast.

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091  Post Covid19 social work.

091 Post Covid19 social work.

What social work can contribute during and following the Covid19 pandemic.


Professor Ngoh Tiong Tan is Chair of Global Institute for Social Work ( www.thegisw.org ) International Advisory Board —– President, Connexions International. —– Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences.—– Treasurer, International Association of Schools of Social Work.

We talk about the post Covid19 world and the work needed from the social work profession. Increasingly, the focus is on the vulnerable in societies worldwide and the danger they face from the social and economic fallout. The care needed in families. in neighbourhoods and in countries’ policy planning. Social work , in all its forms, is pivotal in delivering this care and in monitoring risk.

Whether it’s the increasing elderly population, the massively under-resourced needs of those with challenging mental health or those at physical or sexual risk from those around them, social work is needed as never before to assess, professionally befriend, access and distribute resources.

Tiong has pulled together areas of future need and development that include:-

  • Drastic social political change and
    measures to protect universal well
    Specific provisions for vulnerable
    groups and support
    Enhance family and Community
    Holistic health and Welfare.

Online training, home based learning, teleconferencing for social intervention,
Social Work training online.

This , in addition to a comprehensive outline of how to help the vulnerable in Singapore.

The GISW will play an important part in collecting and collating training for social workers and partner professionals as the world slowly recovers from the pandemic.

I will continue to reflect developments with the GISW as time goes by.

The next podcast will examine international recruitment of social care staff to fill vacancies in  the UK .

Then, in a further podcast, I want to look at a new initiative to help protect international schools with comprehensive whole school safeguarding training and follow up support.

My thanks to albadigitalmedia for their technical support in producing this podcast.

Please send a Speakpipe message ( voicemail tag on site) or e-mail media@socialworldpodcast.com

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090 Environment & Covid19 & Poetry

090 Environment & Covid19 & Poetry

Covid19 has been a nightmare for all populations. Paradoxically, the planet and the environment have benefited.

Just before lockdown, I was invited with a group of poets in Bath to respond to a short but powerful video produced by two remarkable women by writing and reading poems reflecting their lament on environmental destruction.

Rise: From one island to another is their work. One is from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific and the other is from Greenland.  They are Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner and Aka Niviâna

https://350.org/rise-from-one-island-to-another/ is the link.

In response we produced short poems each and are posting on You Tube soon.

For now, these are the ones I read on today’s podcast.

All land is hallowed

with earth baptised by some god

and seas swum in by angels.

yet we walk in sadness,

watching sisters in two oceans

paint our legacy

in words of despair.

we, the infant stewards,

young with no control,

just blind

to broken rocks and shells.

this is a globe of poisons,

close to oblivion,


by each  generation,

as our sun takes her dead child

back to the beginning.


Pacific child

cannot stop the theft


Some sand can be saved

but not all.

the woman of the sand

sings so sweetly

of love and protection,

speaks a verse

in praise of perfection,

with a golden invitation

to the land of ice

where a soul sister cries

with every melting day.

no faith

a heart left broken

and land has gone

where mammoths stood.


I also read this poem I wrote reflecting the historical  savaging of local land over 2000 years



Blood washed and slate, the sky presided

over one hour’s walk to mark the mines.

the mist formed veils in fading light

as shadows slid from shafts

and a banshee of an owl claimed the night.


long headed shepherds, moor and marsh dreamers,

prehistoric miners of Iberian descent

all colonise the hills and form

a Charterhouse of painted caves and white skulls

then the mist moves as a turning worm.


hard and straight the lines of Rome converge

with convicts for the mining and theatres for the troops

smells of alchemy, arrogance and blood

seep through villas whose owners rattle dice cups

on mosaics where the wolf packs stood.


the bleakest times of iron and mud soaked wars

let a merchant church command the shafts.

between the rage of Forresters, the Royal sword

and the silver greed of Bishops,

the land wept lead without a word.


near Cheddar streams as red as Waterloo soldiers

boys curled up and faded with seven years of life.

in the swamp smell tunnels, through gruffy ground,

lamps in a thousand tents vanished in the wind

and left the owl, in the mist, the only sound.


all quiet now on the desolate hill. no noise

and silent graves, washed away with slurry

but their spirits pray in the heather bed,

near the reeds where snipe prepare for sleep

and the grassland as the rabbits lick the lead.


and finally a short poem from the UK  about Covid19 by Georgina Shuckburgh  a west country poet.



I remember when Corona

Was a fizzy red drink,

Long before we were

Keyed by Lockdown.

Men with yellow floppy hair

Lead us who knows where

And we resort to Zoom,

Our new neighbourhood.

The Queen comes out of hibernation

To evoke another Dunkirk

And ask us to stay at home,

Saving the odd trip to the supermarket,

Where staff with huge lollipops

In strict two metre exclusion zones,

March the aisles.

And march we still in daily exercise

To the beat of virus doom.

Friends remark on guilty secrets

Of peace and quiet and bird song

Of books read and puzzles solved.

The domestic violence of our precious lives

Wielded not at each other

But at another clod of earth.

We few, we precious few,

Give some thought to

Those that risk their lives

Whilst others fight for their’s

And each Thursday proffer claps

In exchange,

Applauding our own survival.



My thanks , as always, to Alba Digital Media for technical assistance on this podcast.

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089 Captain R M Niven Memories

089 Captain R M Niven Memories


Memories from World War 2

Welcome back to all.  After six years non stop , I took a breather. Now it feels right to restart and expand and I hope you’ll be pleased with the result.

This is the first in the new series of podcasts that will be more of a magazine format than before.

As always , there will be room for social care and safeguarding. I can’t just leave some things that have been so much part of my life. However I want to broaden the scope and include history, culture and stories from some of the hundreds of people I’ve met along the way.

Poetry and literature will play a significant part.

This first one is personal and features stories from my uncle. my father’s youngest brother, who would have been 100 this month if he hadn’t sadly passed away last year aged 99. He was a good man and in his latter years decided to write down some memories from the second world war. As we’ve just remembered the 75th anniversary of VE Day, I thought it right to let you hear some of his experiences. True to the man, he must have seen great suffering and tragedy but he chose only to record, in his words, ” Some of the nicer things I experienced during the second world war “.

He was a Captain in the 2nd Highland Light Infantry ( Glasgow ) and served in the Middle East, Sicely, Italy and Greece.

During this time he met Winston Churchill, F D Roosevelt, Montgomery, Marshall Tito and Pope Pius XII among a host of others.


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