Dr Craig Newman, author of recovery from abuse programme.. A Clinical Psychologist and Innovator, with over 25 years experience in supporting mental health recovery alongside research and innovation.  Craig is an author, founder and creator of ‘Get Out Get Love’ which is a proposed universal recovery model from experiences of abusive relationships shaped into both a self-help book and later developed self-delivered digital recovery programme. The programme supports self-referred people who seek to get answers, escape and/or recovery in addition to supporting domestic abuse services who are struggling to meet demand,  not able to support those who prefer not to opt into face to face therapy and not able to offer long-term help beyond crisis and stabilisation.  The programme has been evaluated with funding from Innovate:UK and the National Institute of Health Research, showing positive effect for people in need and services who support them.

Craig has over 15 years of experience in developing digital solutions to support at needs groups, winning national prestigious awards for his work to improve dementia assessments internationally, to reduce the risk of unexpected deaths in epilepsy and to support the wellbeing of NHS staff through the COVID period, to name a few.  His work has international impact and his apps have helped 1,000s of clinicians and patients across the world.  This experience he brings to the domestic abuse sector, in response to his own experience as a victim, and attempt to support people where the system struggles to help – namely long-term and towards the experience of self-love.

His book was published in 2023, and despite no track record as an author and no social media presence, the book has already attracted publication contracts for the UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Estonia and Romania.  Craig recommends the book as a read for anyone who even questions a past relationship, suggesting that at worse it is an informative read and at best it could empower your life going forwards – the words of reader testimonials, not his.

‘Craig’s book Get Out Get Love, published by Sheldon Press is available now’  https://www.sheldonpress.co.uk/titles/craig-newman/get-out-get-love/9781399810357/


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