Direct work with children in care

Course Aim

To develop comprehensive knowledge and skills for working directly with children in care.


Course Objectives

  • To understand the child in context

–         The child in our society, legislation, assessment, paramouncy, the child’s world, culture/environment, Munro report, rights of child /ability to make decisions

  • To have knowledge of child development  – ages/stages/needs

–         Ages and stages of development, physical, emotional, social, intellectual, moral, religious needs, attachment, resilience factors. Impact on behaviour.

  • To develop skills in communicating purposefully with children

–         Questioning skills, listening to children and awareness of self when working with/observing children.

–         Knowledge of experiences of anger, fear and loss within children.

–         Tools/activities for facilitating direct work with children.

  • To be able to analyse and transfer the information gained from the child to a report for the purpose of planning for their welfare

–         What does the information mean? Preparing a report and S.M.A.R.T. plan for care.


Full course list

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