As most of you probably know, my background was in social work. The underpinning drive in social work is always concerning the resolution of conflict, whether that be in an individual, a family or a community. The task was always to analyse and assess risk and mobilise resources accordingly. 

The current situation in Syria is not much different, except in scale, with dozens of interested parties, each with their own versions of the truth, and each with their own vision for the future. External bodies making ethical and moral decisions about when to intervene. Any legal decisions, as we know, are certainly subject to interpretation. The net result is two fold. Firstly we have to make a decision as to whether large scale intervention would ultimately hurt more people than are currently being hurt, secondly (I can only speak for the UK) whether we have the authority to be a self elected world policeman or at the very least the worlds conscience. The is a very strong argument to suggest that given our involvement in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya there are reasons for our modest size country to take a lead in fighting injustice on the other side of the world.

Where are all the industrialised countries with similar democratic structures and supposedly similar global conscious’s?

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