Media portrayal of children

Very soon, as part of a wider study, we’re going to send out a survey with regards to the image of children in the media. I hope when it comes out that you’ll help us by giving your thoughts. Children are portrayed usually in the national media as either victims or villains, it’s normally only in local or social media that children’s achievements get more coverage. It’s so important to consider how the community views children who come from dysfunctional backgrounds in judging how the community responds to them.

So ¬†much coverage, especially of those young people we call ‘feral’, demonises children and so in its own way help perpetuate their total dislocation from mainstream society. One of the issues we will be looking at in the survey will be the relevance of the 9pm watershed in this day and age given the plethora of watch again opportunities that there are. In other words children can see most programmes at any time now – usually in the privacy of their own rooms on their laptop or telephone. So I’m hoping the survey will gather your views on a range of topics from mini beauty pageants to child victims to the age of consent to social media and encompass the attendant issues that we all have concerns about.

For those of you reading this blog, why not let me have some immediate  feedback on your thoughts about the watershed Рnot just whether it is relevant any more, but what mechanisms could be available to fulfil the same purpose and somehow manage age appropriate access to the media.

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