Children On The Edge Of Care

Course description

This training course uses current research, policy and legislation to raise awareness, knowledge and expertise of the issues facing social care staff when dealing with children in need of protection and care.

This course can be delivered in the segments shown below, as sessions in different levels of examination. Illustrated below is what would comprise four half-day sessions over two days, but many combinations are possible using the outline below.


Session 1:

  • Introductions, aims and outcomes
  • Overview of children on the edge of care, issues and statistics
  • Current research and evidence supporting children remaining with their parents
  • The legal and policy context of this identified group
  • Risk management
  • During this initial session a combination of delivery of information and guided discussion will be employed.


Session 2:

  • Particular features and vulnerabilities
  • Effective planning
  • Core Assessments
  • Methods for working with families, therapies and approaches
  • Along with the delivery of information, participants will use a range of case studies to illustrate the use of assessment tools and asked to participate in small groups to develop planning and assessment skills.


Session 3:

Participants will be asked to come to this session prepared to discuss one of their own cases, with appropriate provision made to ensure identifiable features are removed.

  • Child development (physical, emotional and cognitive) particularly for young people aged 12  to 16 years, including cultural differences
  • Parenting and it’s impact on child development
  • Behaviours and developmental problems that carers and social care staff have to deal with
  • Participants own cases will be used to explore skills and knowledge


Session 4:

  • Working effectively with schools to reduce the likelihood and/or impact of exclusion
  • Working effectively with health and voluntary sector agencies, including agencies that support adults with mental health and substance misuse
  • A combination of information delivery and skills development will be used during this session with a focus on the practical application of knowledge gained during the previous sessions. Participants will be guided through this session with a combination of skill training, role play, critique and discussion.


Full course list

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