Child Exploitation and the Internet

Course description

This one-day course raises awareness amongst the Children’s Workforce who work directly with children and their families. It covers the issues of child exploitation and the Internet through child abuse images and grooming in social networking sites. It also deals with cyber-bullying, the legislative framework and safeguarding processes including the assessment of risk.

Aims and Objectives

  • To assist participants in understanding how child abuse images are accessed, stored and how they facilitate child exploitation
  • To discuss assumptions and facts relating to sex offenders and the internet
  • To discuss the role of the police and other agencies in assessing ongoing risk to children, both within and outside of the perpetrators family
  • To increase participants understanding of models used in assessing risk, and the route to offending
  • To provide participants with some tools for assessing potential risk of child exploitation


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand the nature and impact of internet child abuse on children, offenders and the community
  • Understand the legislative framework protecting children from exploitation through the Internet
  • Be aware of the National programme of education designed to empower children and young people to use the Internet safely and enjoy its social and educational benefits
  • Know the strategies designed to prevent on-line exploitation and bullying
  • Be aware of models of abuse as tools for assessing risk
  • Know the process of investigation in cases of exploitation through the Internet


Target delegates

This course is designed for people who provide services for children including those who are looked after or particularly vulnerable i.e. disabled children. Participants should be involved with child protection as part of their work and must have completed the Child Protection Practice and Procedures course prior to attending.


Full course list

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