Human Traffiking Part 2 continues the focus on the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII)  

Matt Richardson is the Director of Intelligence and Investigations with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII).

He is international speaker and expert on OSINT and Darkweb Intelligence with extensive experience in leading and coordinating complex investigations on sex trafficking and CSAM offenders. Matt co-authored a study titled “Expert Analysis of Open Source Material Relating To Child Sexual Abuse Material And Sex Trafficking Occurring On” with the University of New Haven’s Center for Forensic Investigations of Trafficking in Persons (CFITP). Matt is a member of the Rogers Communications Cybersecurity Catalyst team where he collaborates with industry experts to generate products and education on a variety of cybersecurity topics related to online crimes. He is often sought out as a subject matter expert by the media with TV, Film, Radio, and print coverage in Canada and is a main contributor and on camera character for “Dark Highway”, a Human Trafficking documentary that is being televised in Canada and the U.S. He works in partnership with Timea’s Cause to educate and prevent sex trafficking and was a featured speaker of the 1st Canadian National Summit on Child Sexual Exploitation. Matt is passionate in his role with the Anti Human Traffiking Initiative where as part of a team of experts he uses his skills on a daily basis to help make children, families, and communities safer places.

We talk of the risks to unaccompanied young refugees and the ways to remain focussed in such overwhelming work. One child at a time has to be the rule to avoid practical and emotional overload.

The third part in this series, in January, will, among other things, look at success stories, detail cases that can be talked about and offer ways that we all can be more alert and aware of this chronic threat to our communities.


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