I read last week of another care home scandal. This one was in Nottinghamshire in Autumn Grange, 11 people were arrested on suspicion of the manslaughter of an 86 year old resident and although the care home was closed soon after the resident’s death it still underlines so many issues that we have in this country to do with the care of the elderly and the vulnerable. in many private homes the pay is very low and recruitment is difficult. it doesnt take a scientist to then realise that often poor quality staff are recruited as a necesity to fill up the numbers. this in turn leads to instances of bad practice and questions asked about the quality of training and commitment that staff have to what is a very sensitive and skilled job. Several governments have now shied away from a national registration system of workers in this field with nationally recognised standards, accountability, discipline and a dynamic ethical base.So many other countries in the world seem to value the elderly population more highly and invest accordingly but i expect we shall keep hearing of abuses and preventable deaths for some time to come, it does seem paradoxical that, even though the Care Quality Commission have had a recent revamp, the level of resources being directed towards our ever ageing population is hardly matching the need. I expect we will read of more scandals for much time to come, but don’t lets become complacent and accept that as part of life. We owe the vulnerable dignity and respect – far more than they are getting at the moment.

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