Life is full of surprises. 

Given all the trouble that has been attached to child abuse and the catholic church it seems beyond belief (excuse the pun) that the age of consent in the Vatican is 12. 

You would think that at the very least there would be a move a foot to change this. I can’t think of a worse public relations fact. 

The age that children and young people are allowed to do different things varies so much in the UK alone, but around the world there are huge anomalies.

I live in the UK where you are allowed to join the army at 17 and theoretically shoot people but you are not allowed to vote. You are allowed to get married at 16 but you are not allowed to have a drink of beer in a pub. You are allowed to have the responsibility of a full relationship with your partner at 16 but not allowed to drive a car. You can drive a car and kill people at 17 but you cannot buy cigarettes and kill yourself until you are 18 . . . 

And don’t get me on to the age of consent worldwide because the arrangements in different continents are so different that there is no universal idea of when children and young people reach a sophisticated age to make these decisions for themselves. 

Why do we all treat children so differently and why does the Vatican not get its act together?

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