Advanced Child Protection for Child Minders

Learning objectives:

  • Know the current levels of recorded child protection concerns and the impact on services, practitioners  and responses to children’s needs
  • Identify the signs and indicators of abuse as well as the risk factors
  • Explain the impact of disguised compliance and how it may be countered.
  • Identify the difference between a child in need (S17) and a child in need of protection (S47) and the appropriate responses
  • Explain and use the Information Sharing Rules
  • Identify where to access services and sources of advice for supporting families and safeguarding children.
  • Explain the local child protection procedures in relation to making a referral to children’s social care.
  • Know the role of a child minder in child protection and appropriate responses to concerns.


Trainer: Caroline Vost

Caroline has over 30 years law enforcement experience that has included quality operational practice in a variety of investigative and interviewing roles, specifically within the safeguarding children arena where she benefits from background practice in dealing with safeguarding adults at risk, domestic abuse and survivors of sexual crime. Caroline extends this operational experience into the training environment. From 2009 – 2012 Caroline held the post of Chair for the Wiltshire Local Safeguarding Children’s Board Training Sub Group.



  • “It was a pleasure to have training run by such a professional – trainer was fab!”
  • “Provided in-depth knowledge of safeguarding practices”
  • “Professional and informative – provided up to date knowledge”
  • “Provided new knowledge and understanding – increasing confidence in my role”


Full course list

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