A continuation of the reflection on 10 years with the NSPCC.


We develop the conversation to look more into the future and look for new or untested ideas from the wider world. Also talk more on NSPCC’s plans to add to online safety.    Peter was  also reflective on the organisation’s campaigning role.  What risks and challenges are increasing due to the need for more public attention and urgency as well as more extensive resources.? Should we not look to see much more reference and specificity in political manifestos to safeguarding and child protection ?  Our conversation develops one or two more paths.  

We talk about the changing and expanding nature of safeguarding children with the complexities of the internet, traffiking, modern day slavery and much more. The NSPCC is is focussed on the UK but cannot ignore the threats from the wider world.

www.nspcc.org.uk   and the helpline help@nspcc.org.uk

Check out the websites and the many initiatives in addition to the children’s helpline.


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