Black Lives Matter has reached huge audiences over the last month or two but how can it be turned into action?

Wayne Reid is a professional officer with the British Association of Social Workers and is my guest. He talks of the BLM impact personally and professionally in social work. He found himself writing and speaking widely and draws attention to his thoughts and the association’s thinking as well. His article in Community Care Magazine sets out the thinking.

Wayne qualified as a social worker in 2010, but the entirety of his social care experience spans nearly 20 years.  He has worked in: private fostering; the Probation Service; youth offending; adult mental health; child protection and with care leavers.

As a black male social worker, Wayne understands some of the challenges that service-users and practitioners from different ethnic minority groups can face.  From his experience, Wayne believes academic and ‘life education’ are essential to improve an individual’s quality of life and life chances.

His article in Community Care Magazine sets out the thinking.  A second follow up article is imminent.

Wayne would welcome contact at

He recommends articles and policy documents and would be delighted to share his collection as well as the Association’s policy and practice guidelines. One example is this response to the Windrush report.


This is a subject I’ll be returning to without doubt as we watch how the world responds.

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