With the announcement of the new Chair of the Historic Abuse Inquiry this is a story that should be referred to that inquiry as I think it typical of the unfinished business that this country is awash with and the hundreds, if not thousands, of survivors out there still living with the legacy of what was done to them.
Usually I give interviews to the media on child protection, cases, policy or other concerns but this time I thought I’d look at a current case. Pam Caulfield ( pictured ) is an investigative journalist with the BBC in Hereford and Worcestershire and has been reporting, presenting and producing for 7 years. She has researched the story of St Gilberts approved school in Worcestershire, run until 1975 by the De La Salle Order of Christian Brothers–a teaching order still active today. She found a shocking history of sexual and physical abuse, perpetrated¬†at the school,¬†with rape and sadistic beatings commonplace. Two former pupils talked of their ordeals and many more are still living with the legacy. I’m going to follow this story as it unfolds and as the (belated) police investigation by West Mercia Police continues. All praise to Pam Caulfield as she describes her long journey of discovery.

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