RUTH SMITH is Editor and Content Director of Community Care, the multi-award winning information service for social workers. She is responsible for all content and digital products across Community Care, from the news website to the paid for information service Community Care Inform Children and Inform Adults.

Her expertise includes how to make information accessible to busy professionals when and where they need it. She’s also experienced at talking about social care to the wider media.

She won New Editor of Year at the PPA’s New Talent Awards 2013 and with the Community Care team won team of year at the Association of Online Publishing Awards 2013. She first started her journalistic career writing about children’s social care soon after the green paper Every Child Matters was published in 2003.

She is a trustee and director of the Social Worker of Year Awards charity, which celebrates the fantastic, but often unsung work of the sector.

We talk of violence against social workers, the quality of new social workers, challenges, investigations she’s been proud of ,the impact of traumatic stories on journalists and much more.


Thanks as always to Alba Digital Media for technical support on this podcast.

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